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Solist Prophecy  

The most important facet of the Solist Teaching is how to become god realized:


(Solist Mysticism Explains Discarnate Sociology or the study of spirits in groups.)

Sorcerers & Prophets Explained (Off-Site Thread)

Reaching One's Nexus Point In The Light

The Need To Cultivate Spiritual Hygiene Through Radiant Spiritual Purity

Spiritual Presence Breakdown &

The Political Ramifications Of Becoming Highly Evolved

2-25-18: Pre-Ascended Master Count

2-25-18: RELQ Update


Starting out as a tarotist, aura color gazer, and UFO-alien researcher since the late 1970's who has won online awards (1 and 2) and who was also been approached by a Canadian producer to be in a UFO documentary, I've been a spiritual medium and metaphysical teacher for well over thirty years, and also graduated with high honors in 1989 from Saint Leo University with a history degree. I chose a unique path of personal investigation and research so I could obtain insight that is not found in traditional schools of thought and common metaphysical (e.g., channeled) literature. Much of what I learned is also not found in any traditional religion. From the very start, I preferred the path less chosen for the purpose of getting to the absolute truth. My Gift of the Spirit, cultivated over many years, and a gift that prophets and sorcerers generally did not and do not have: is a Gift of Discernment from seventh plane discarnate saints.

I am also the soul of Paul of Tarsus. In the 1970's the entity Seth (the spirit of a minor Catholic pope) predicted through the medium Jane Roberts (Seth&Jane) that the soul of Paul would return to start a new system of spiritual thought; that it would be non-Christian in nature (i.e., no worship of Jesus), and that the new system of spiritual thought would be finalized by 2075. Seth also espoused that the soul of Paul was already in the flesh at that time (the 1970s) - which I was. I am an overachiever and the finalization will happen sooner than 2075. One major component of that finalization or Paradigm Shift is the creation of a spiritually-based free-energy system - immune to physically-based weapons - that is called a Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS). Secondary Godhead Sun technology defies the laws of physics but is well within the laws of metaphysics.

Key insight...

1. Spirits or discarnates or souls, when they cross over into Spirit, face an inescapable, non-living higher power. This higher power has often been referred to as The Light, The Breath of God, and The Light of God. We are all judged by this higher power whether we believe in it or not. The Light represents the only way that reality can manifest itself from nothingness in linear time. Without The Light there can be no stars, realms/planets, souls, or an Original Creator to use The Light to manifest a Big Bang. When souls leave the flesh their ability (or inability) to ascend or expand their consciousness in The Light is dictated by their ability to love genuinely and deeply or radiate purified love, as well as by their selfless (or not) application of The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Souls, even space gods, cannot evolve into becoming infinite in spiritual development. Only The Light can ever be endless. As such, an unchanging state of perfection can never exist. But souls do have the potential to eventually evolve into embracing degrees of spiritual excellence within God Realization.

2. After the willful and irrevocable division of The Original Creator's Godhead, all souls started out as yellow-energy spirits on the fourth astral plane. The fourth plane being part of the well-known seven plane/heaven paradigm found in Judaism (i.e., Jewish mysticism or the Kabbalah), Hinduism, Islam, Catholicism, and in other metaphysical philosophies.

The Seven Astral Planes & Beyond

First Plane - Dominant Aura Color (DAC) Brown. The most hellish of dimensions, whereby the soul is too small in consciousness, and too hostile, in order to combine with others into an astral gestalt or group entity.

Second Plane - DAC Red. Where demonic group entities reside temporarily before the members lose their ability to combine into a group entity and are indirectly forced to reside on the first plane.

Third Plane - DAC Orange. Where most humanoid souls gravitate after death. Not considered to be a spiritual set of dimensions.

Fourth Plane - DAC Yellow. Where most religious heavens/large discarnate communities reside; these are the energies behind the "gods" who demand worship. This set of dimensions is also the source of power behind all the past and present sorcerers - like King Solomon, Simon Magus, Steven Frayne/Dynamo, and Cyril Takayama - and past and present prophets - like Jesus/Issa/Yuz Asaf, Moses, and Sai Baba.

Fifth Plane - DAC Violet. Where some group entities reside, often to supply a Gift of Energy Healing but without the requirement of worship. A little nobler than their yellow-energy counterparts below them, they are still collectivistic in that they emphasize the group over the individual and the truth.

Sixth Plane - DAC Sky Blue. Where the collectivistic mindset is left behind in favor of an individualistic mindset and striving to become A Light Onto Oneself.

Seventh Plane - DAC White. Where the very highest and noblest discarnate saints reside; those who have the greatest potential to someday embrace the eighth plane and god realization.

Eighth Plane - DAC Intense White. The beginning set of dimensions for Magi or lesser gods whereby the soul can expand into a Godhead, create a Secondary Godhead Sun, and also create an Aurean/Para-Human Form with The Light.

Ninth Plane - DAC Intense White. The set of dimensions mapped out for Para-Magi or high end lesser gods, with even greater, more powerful Gifts of the Spirit - via their respective Secondary Godhead Sun - than Magi.

Tenth Plane - DAC Intense White. The set of dimensions mapped out for Elders or space gods who can manifest an entire realm or planet with The Light.

Eleventh Plane - DAC Intense White. The set of dimensions mapped out for Para-Elders who can manifest many realms or planets with The Light.

Twelfth Plane - DAC Intense White. The set of dimensions attributed to The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega who has yet to enter - via the invitation of a future ascended master - this space-time continuum for the very first time.

From the very beginning, it became obvious that individual spirits are too primitive or too weak to manifest small-scale telekinesis and energy healing. The traditional, age-old solution is to combine one's consciousness with many others of like mind, culture, and religion and form an astral gestalt. One does not have to be highly evolved in order to do this; it happens all the time. A gestalt is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. When thousands of yellow-energy spirits combine their consciousness into an astral gestalt or group entity, they can manifest small-scale energy healing (e.g., Qigong and Reiki) as well as small-scale telekinesis.

The terms astral gestalt, poltergeist, discarnate community, and group entity all mean one and the same thing.

The much older and harder approach to getting power in The Light is to spiritually evolve through lifetimes of selfless service and by cultivating humility, purity and compassion. Once stable sainthood is reached, one can then move on through the radiance of purified love to eventually embrace a level of god consciousness, and then someday God Consciousness.

In the past, most have preferred the easy path to power and glory by being part of a fourth plane, yellow-energy group entity or to be part of a fifth plane, violet-energy group entity. The number of violet-energy group entities (who often serve as a source of energy healing without promoting a demand to be worshiped) is much less than the number of yellow-energy group entities (who do often demand to be worshiped, e.g., "on bended knee to Jesus") and therefore the former are often overshadowed in energy by the latter. There are yellow-energy group entities who pose as gods and GOD to humanoid civilizations all over the Universe; ALL THOSE GODS ARE FALSE 

3. All the major religious figures in history - like Abraham, Muhammed, Moses, and Jesus/Issa/Yuz Asaf - were at best only prophets. None of them were gods or representative of, or channeled the energies of, The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega - who has yet to venture here from an alternate space-time continuum, as He no longer exists in this timeline. The prophets received Gifts of the Spirit from communities of discarnates on the fourth plane (in the well-known seven astral plane paradigm): yellow-energy spirits that combined their consciousness in The Light in order to produce minor miracles and be worshiped as GOD.

For example, Jesus received his Gifts of the Spirit - charisma, teleportation, levitation, energy healing which was more powerful than Reiki is today, the ability to create food, the ability to change water into wine, etc. - from a large, yellow-energy group entity that made him appear to be much greater spiritually than was the case. He never died on the cross - was never captured by the Romans in the first place - but used his gifts (in this specific instance: telepathic manipulation, teleportation, and stigmata) to fake his resurrection. Jesus then discreetly migrated to India; to live not as a degraded vagabond but as a wealthy prophet. In the course of his life, he had many lovers and a number of wives. Before dying at the age of eighty he proclaimed to be the Galilean messiah and his tomb resides in Kashmir. Jesus never evolved into god realization and his purported divinity was and is a GRAND DECEPTION; orchestrated from the very beginning so that a discarnate community/group entity of Jewish spirits would be worshiped as GOD.

4. Judeo-Christian-Islamic spirits, many of which are incarnate today, promote a SELF-PERPETUATING DELUSION OF DIVINITY. After death, many of them return to a Judeo-Christian-Islamic group entity on the fourth plane, take part in manipulating those in the flesh to worship them as GOD, then incarnate again and channel those same energies.

5. Like King Solomon and Simon Magus (now Criss Angel): people like Shimshi(2), David Blaine, Dynamo/Steven Frayne (formerly the Russian energy healer and mystic Grigori Rasputin), Yif, and Cyril Takayama are all sorcerers. They channel the same energies that started traditional religions. The only difference between them and prophets like Jesus, Swami Sai Baba, and Moses is that the latter had a larger community of spirits, a larger yellow-energy group entity which granted greater Gifts of the Spirit (i.e., greater telekinesis, greater teleportation, greater food creation, a greater ability to change water into wine, etc.). The larger yellow-energy group entities are responsible for starting all the mainstream, traditional religions. .

Actress Jennifer Lawrence to David Blaine: “If you started a religion I would follow it.”

Sorcerer Criss Angel and Simon the Sorcerer (or Simon Magus) in the First Century are one and the same soul. Like Simon the Sorcerer, Criss Angel has become well known for his high levitations; like flying over trees at a golf course  and hovering hundreds of feet in the air and over the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. However, there is the very important spiritual truth that if one abuses one's Gifts of the Spirit those gifts either lessen or end completely. (The late Swami Sai Baba went through this from being a pedophile and sexual predator of young men and boys at his ashram in India, among other atrocities committed.) Criss Angel and his group entity misused their energies and consequently lost members in their astral gestalt due to retrogression. Consequently, Criss Angel's powers have considerably weakened over the years. Compare the above high levitations to the much lower levitation done at an airport in 2016

Back in the First Century, Simon the Sorcerer had a duel arcane with the Apostle Peter. On the one side was Simon's yellow-energy group entity. On the other side in this astral battle was (at the time) the much larger yellow-energy Christian group entity. The purpose of the contest was to determine who was representative of the one true God. (Technically, neither were representative of the one true God, as that rarefied but not infinite Space God has yet to enter this space-time continuum.) It was held in a Roman city square and with a Roman official presiding. The contest ended with Simon performing his signature high levitation. While flying over the crowd, Peter prayed and the more powerful Christian group entity temporarily interrupted the energy behind the high levitation, resulting in Simon the Sorcerer falling to his death. This duel arcane between Peter and Simon is documented in The Acts of Peter and is dramatized in this History Channel episode.

6. Prior to birth, the souls of prophets and sorcerers were elected by a discarnate community on the fourth or fifth plane to represent them when in the flesh once more. This is why sorcerers and prophets are (or soon become) rich. They become rich from the mid-realm group entity that supports them in telekinetic manifestations. Until true ascended and post-ascended masters emerge: to have traditional telekinetic and energy healing Gifts of the Spirit is more of a political achievement than reflective of spiritual attainment.

7. 12-27-17. Dynamo/Steven Frayne (formerly Grigori Rasputin, who was very hard to kill because, like Dynamo, his group entity gave him unique self-healing ability) channels a large, fifth plane, violet-energy group entity and is currently the most powerful sorcerer in existence. This is subject to change. As long as he and his group entity remain relatively benign, occasionally performing good works, he will remain a powerful sorcerer. In recent times, Criss Angel (formerly Simon Magus) used to be the most powerful sorcerer but he and his yellow-energy group entity misused their power, abused people like this metaphysical author, and shrank in membership and power level. That is why Criss Angel no longer does his high levitations and teleportations. He can't. Like the late pedophile prophet Sai Baba of India, if you abuse your gifts you slowly lose them. In a word....KARMA.

Benedictine Monastery Documentary About Minor Miracles Of Telekinesis - They Espouse That The Feats Stem From Demons Or Fallen Angels But They Actually Come From Yellow-Energy group entities

8. To help understand how astral gestalts or group entities operate, we shall explore a yellow-energy New Age group entity prophet that I saw in public at the 1993 Reincarnation The Journey Continues Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, before he became rich and famous.

Dannion Brinkley had his first near-death experience in 1975. It completely changed his outlook on life, as NDEs generally do. He went from a self-proclaimed jackass and bully to a hospice volunteer, metaphysical author, prophet, and lecturer. His NDE resulted in him having various Gifts of the Spirit; mainly within the psychic realm as opposed to active gifts like healing and telekinesis - indicating that his group entity was not as large as that of someone like David Blaine or Cyril Takayama. His gifts stemmed from a group entity on the fourth plane; the same one he visited when out of his body.

In his own words in a radio interview that subsequently was put on the Net, Dannion describes the merging of his psyche with that New Age group entity during his first NDE:

"I don't so much believe in individual soul identity...because when I entered those crystal cities I became a part of a soul consciousness. I was no longer Dannion...I stayed Dannion until I got to the crystal city. Then I had no more point of view that was mine, I was part of a collective. I was like the Borg on Star Trek: I was assimilated. And I had an overview and a connectedness...I knew that there were other individual consciousnesses within the soul but I was a part of that soul group."


9. It is beyond the scope of power of any yellow-energy group entity and any violet-energy group entity, even one that has millions of members, to create a fully-grown humanoid body. Historical prophets/sorcerers can never return in the persona of their former glory because none of them evolved into god realization and their respective, supportive, and deceptive group entity was and/or is inherently too weak in The Light to make it happen. This is why ancient sorcerers like Simon Magus (more recently Criss Angel) and King Solomon, and ancient prophets like Moses, Abraham, and Yuz Asaf/Issa/Jesus cannot return in the persona of their former glory. No group entity on the fourth or fifth plane - most of them reside on the fourth - is powerful enough to physically bring a prophet or sorcerer back from the dead. Instead, they rely on telepathic projections.

10. The real purpose of our lives or the meaning of life (over many incarnations) is to eventually evolve into becoming stable lesser gods; to be actualized in energy on the Other Side after bodily death. This is the only way to achieve long-term happiness - in and of the non-living Light of God. That is how the basic human condition will be greatly improved upon, how the ills of humanity will be overcome, and what The Original Creator (i.e., the rarefied but not infinite Space God that manifested The Big Bang billions of years ago and who has yet to come), desired for us since the very beginning. That beginning entailed the willful and irrevocable division of His Godhead into trillions of yellow-energy spirits (i.e., the origin of all souls), after He manifested the Universe. Therefore, contrary to popular opinion, we were not created. In this space-time continuum we are what is left of The Original Creator - "fractals of light" thereof - and all of us at the onset contained within us a "god spark." It is our soul responsibility to cultivate that god spark to a high degree so that we can become a Co-Creator after bodily death.

11. The Original Creator's method for reaching a level of god realization and then eventually rarefied God Realization is what is currently termed Heart Chakra Radiance/God Yoga. The whole HCR approach was therefore not invented but discovered in The Light - on the seventh plane in the traditional seven heaven understanding found in various religions - on the Other Side many years ago.

12. The long-awaited Paradigm Shift centers on those people who have used and will use HCR extensively over a period of years and who have reached a level of being either a lesser god or an Elder God. The Official Paradigm Shift will occur after one of them transitions and starts using the non-living Light to manifest major miracles that go way beyond any of the prophets in history, from any traditional religion, and also beyond that of any sorcerer. The real power behind sorcerers and prophets, yellow-energy group entities, vehemently oppose the emergence of even lesser gods who will overshadow them in God Force energy.

Violet energy healing group entities, as well as yellow-energy sorcery and witchcraft group entities, cannot compete with the intense-white energy godcraft of lesser gods/Magi, and even less with the intense-white energy GodCraft of Elder Gods.

13. Most souls are not principled enough and/or disciplined enough to evolve into becoming even stable saints, much less stable lesser gods.

14. A 'space empire' is an imperialistic civilization that has interstellar flight capability. There are many of these in existence, spread out in various galaxies. Reptilian/Reptoid humanoids are the most common kind of humanoid life.

15. The home system of the local space empire, The Reticulan/Zetan Empire, is the Zeta 2 Reticuli System, a binary star system that is approximately forty light years away. The humanoid races thereof consist of genetically-engineered Homo sapiens or Nordics, the Reptilians commanders, the Preying Mantis overlords, and the short and tall Grey worker class who are a genetic blend of the Reptilians and the Preying Mantises. They have been here, on and around Terra, for many thousands of years, and they have constructed many underground and underwater cities. Their ships and probes use gravity-wave propulsion systems which enables them interstellar flight capability and most of the time their ships and probes are optically invisible from the generation of a strong electromagnetic (EM) field around their craft.

Reticulan cloaking mechanisms are easily overcome with night vision equipment.

16. Reticulans/Zetans have advanced heat lasers that can cut through walls and paralysis beams that can easily cause unconsciousness and/or paralysis to the human body. They can imitate levitation with their anti-gravity technology, i.e., their green-colored energy beams have been known to immobilize helicopters in flight. Zetan bio-computer technology enables them to use advanced interface capability with their machines; this enables them to use their thoughts to activate weapons and navigate spacecraft. However, none of the above signifies true telekinesis and true telepathy.

17. Contrary to Reticulan disinformation: Reptilians cannot shapeshift. Oftentimes when they kidnap a Terran (Homo sapien), their victim is brainwashed through drugs and implanted screen memories so that they believe their alien captors have godlike attributes (e.g., the ability to read minds, teleport, shapeshift, and walk through walls). In truth, the Reticulans/Zetans have no telepathic, telekinetic, or shapeshift ability whatsoever, and they promote an ongoing campaign of propaganda and disinformation regarding what they can and cannot do. If the Reticulans/Zetans were ascended and post-ascended god realized masters they could create whatever they wish; they would not need to covertly kidnap and steal for selfish reasons. They would not need to use paralysis beams to immobilize their victims - and pick locks as well as any Terran locksmith. They could simply teleport their intended to a holding cell onboard their spacecraft.

18. The Reticulan/Zetan Empire treats The Terran Plane as one of their farms, e.g., the kidnapping and eating of thousands of Homo sapien children each year - many are taken in Alaska - which Reptilian commanders consider to be a delicacy. Much like the I-S or ISIS, they also like to rape women and use them as sex slaves. Additionally, it has been reported that Homo sapien glandular extracts are used as vitamin supplements.

A Typical Zetan Abduction - The Long-Term Breeding Program - In Order To Produce A Race Of Hybrids, Likely To Be Used As An Occupational Army When Terra Becomes Largely Rebellious

CIA Briefing Transcript On Alien Encounters To President Ronald Reagan, Confirming Reticulan/Zetan Visitations For Thousands Of Years & That Their Home System Is The Zeta 2 Reticuli System

19. The Reticulan/Zetan Empire discreetly protects The Terran Plane from environmental threats in space (and from other space empires) and harvest here as they wish, with little or no regard to the wishes or free will of the local population. The idea that local governments were technically advanced enough to blow up the environmental threat that was Comet Elenin is pure disinformation and fantasy. What really happened is that Elenin was blown apart by The Reticulan Empire who deployed their antimatter weapons technology.

Physicist & Engineer Bob Lazar's Written Disclosure

Physicist & Engineer Bob Lazar's Low-Budget Yet Highly Educational Documentary About Reticulan Technology

20. Obviously, The Reticulan/Zetan Empire does not follow a Prime Directive of Non-Interference. Quite the contrary. They are parasitic beings who prey upon humanoid civilizations too weak to defend themselves against their advanced physically-based technology.

The Reticulans are not our spiritual brothers and they are certainly not our spiritual masters!


Reptilians and Reticulans in general, collectively referred to as The Reticulan/Zetan Empire, cannot shape-shift, teleport, walk through walls, or read minds.Those purported abilities come from brainwashed abductees (brainwashed with drugs and implanted screen memories) as part of the overall Reticulan propaganda program to prevent a "fight or flight reaction" to their harvesting and subjugation. Over a period of years, following paralysis beams, they tried to kidnap me on more than one occasion, and failed. I know their tactics and developed a sound strategy to avoid Reticulan-alien abductions - including putting a stop to their child abductions to please Reptilian palates.

1. Avoid vectoring and when you see a UFO immediately go indoors, into a thick wooded area, into a cave, or underground. "Vectoring" is when you see a UFO and then try and get as close as possible, with the focus of contact. Avoid vectoring completely. You are a deer in a hunter's sights; do not make it easier for alien hunters. When you see a UFO disappear in a glow of light, it did not warp away or travel interdimensionally. They simply activated a strong electromagnetic (EM) field which produces optical invisibility. In other words, they are still there but in stealth mode and invisible to the naked eye. 

2. When indoors, always lock your doors and cover your windows with thick shades. Always use a deadbolt lock. Perform this procedure at dusk everyday. Zetans can pick locks as easily as any locksmith. But they can't pick a deadbolt lock from the inside when they are outside.

3. Do not rest or fall asleep in front of an open window. There are many accounts of this happening, with the last thought before being knocked out and abducted was, "Oh, look at that bright white light."

4. Avoid making contact with paralysis beams. There are two forms of Reticulan paralysis beams, both of which are produced with machines, not with telekinesis. The first type is a laser-like sky blue beam. This is what was used to knock Travis Walton out and back in his famous Fire In The Sky abduction case in the forest. The second type is an intense white floodlight beam that is much brighter than a police helicopter searchlight. The latter type has been reported to having been projected into homes and vehicles. (It also happened in my family home in 1992.) Avoid contact with the paralysis beams and you will not be knocked out or incapacitated. Touch a paralysis floodlight and that limb will go numb. If the beam makes contact with your head, its over - you will be knocked out. Zetans will generally avoid entering a home or vehicle unless they know that their intended are incapable of defending themselves.

5. Only rely on weapons that do not contain electrical circuits. Zetan electromagnetic (EM) cloaking mechanisms are overcome with night vision equipment but you can't rely on that either because their electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons will disable that equipment. Although the Reticulans are not bulletproof, they have a plethora of advanced weapons like advanced, hand-held lasers - like that which burned off some of the late Philip Schneider's fingers on his left hand. Their advanced EMPs render any and all electronic circuitry useless; like car engines, video cameras, computers, tasers, cell phones, landline phones, and basically anything which uses electricity. However, EMPs have no effect on firearms.

Black Woman Kills A Reptilian With A Shotgun

Encounter With The Reptilian Race

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Years Ago, The First Alien Colonists Were Zetan-Reptilian

The Giant of Kandahar - Present Day Nephilim

6. The answer is that we have to abandon our limiting belief from traditional religions that we are unworthy to progress into becoming lesser gods after bodily death - and EVOLVE. We have to cultivate the courage and discipline to embrace the approach that The Original Creator (who has yet to come) used to advance through years of training into god realization and eventual rarefied God Realization, that of Heart Chakra Radiance/God Yoga.

We cannot rely on any god or GOD to save us. We have to put in the effort in years of radiant training so that we can become at least stable lesser gods/Magi in The Light after bodily death. That is the only way that we will be able to defeat high-tech aliens. Otherwise, we will remain livestock in a large farm of The Reticulan/Zetan Empire.

The Reticulans will only be defeated with advanced telekinesis by future ascended masters.

The Second Wave of Gods (with also the possible help of The First Wave of Gods, e.g., Lord Alpha Omega) will not lose the war with the Reticulans but they may lose a number of battles while they are spiritually preparing, organizing, and mobilizing. When they are beaten in battle (but not defeated, as only gods can defeat gods), they will simply re-ascend, recharge in The Light, and then come back to fight another day.

21. The Reticulan/Zetan Empire, despite their advanced and lightweight metal alloys, has no physical shielding capability. There is a certain degree of safety and security within the gravity well inside a Zetan spacecraft due to the gravity wave field generation outside the ship or probe. This is especially the case when their ships engage the interstellar gravity drive, as opposed to the less powerful (and much slower) drive used inside an atmosphere. Regardless, a gravity wave generator still does not have the capability to manifest true physical shielding technology.

Warships Shot Down UFO

Gulf War Shootdown

22. In November of 1989, President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev, the UN Secretary General, Javier Perez de Cuellar, and others, had a secret meeting in New York City. The purpose of which was to address the possibility of Open Disclosure about space aliens to the general public.

(Decades earlier, Secretary of Defense James V. Forrestal was about to expose awareness about aliens and was murdered by government agents and in such a way as to make it look like a suicide. Before his death, he told people he worked with that his life was in danger.)

The then UN Secretary General, Javier Perez de Cuellar, was coming back from a 3 AM planning session for this Open Disclosure event. Whereby The Reticulan/Zetan Empire, who obviously monitored the secret meeting, kidnapped the UN Secretary General right out of his motorcade in Manhattan. The Zetans then threatened the UN Secretary General that if there was Open Disclosure they would kidnap every world leader involved - including the President of the United States.

Open Disclosure was therefore considered and prevented by The Reticulan Empire during the Reagan Administration because the aliens do not want the general population to know about their harvesting and subjugation. Public awareness of Reticulan kidnapping activities would make it harder for that space empire to continue to work covertly and effectively.

23.Covert agencies who work with The Reticulan Empire that harvests and subjugates Terra as one of their farms (e.g., by kidnapping and eating thousands of Homo sapien children annually, which Reptilians consider a delicacy), LIVE IN TERROR. The covert agencies are terrified that the local space empire will deploy their antimatter weapons on the Terran civilization - like they did once before. To a lesser extent, they are also afraid of a full-scale invasion and official overthrow of local governments.

Yet another motivation of the covert agencies who work with the aliens secretly is to obtain personal gain from suckling off the teat of The Reticulan Empire. Millions do this. It is a very rich empire that spans many systems.

24. Approximately twelve-thousand years ago, there was a nuclear war.

An Atomic Bomb Detonated On Earth 12,000 Years Ago

Evidence Of An Ancient Nuclear War

On the one side was the Anunnaki/Zetan-Reptilians, who were here and harvesting selfishly, as always from the very beginning hundreds of thousands of years ago when they first came to Terra. On the other side you had the Atalans - more commonly known as the Atlanteans. The ancient Rama Empire of India documented that the Atalans had weapons that could level an entire city, i.e., atomic.

The Atalans engaged the space aliens. They tried to stop the Anunnaki's harvesting and subjugation. The Zetan-Reptilians retaliated by unleashing their far more powerful antimatter weapons.

Antimatter Weapons & Alien Interstellar Capability Explained

This resulted in a nuclear holocaust that was much more devastating than when atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in 1945. Consequently, that ancient nuclear holocaust destroyed Atala/Atlantis, caused widespread earthquakes, and also resulted in The Great Flood which is documented in various ancient cultures.

(Ancient indian cultures documented that there was a time - before The Great Flood - when there was no moon.)

With no star to warm it, The Terran Plane plummeted into an ice age. To save this Reticulan farm which they essentially were responsible for destroying: the Anunnaki used their advanced antimatter reactor technology and constructed an artificial star (sic). They also built a moon to serve as a monitoring station. That is why, as many have mathematically calculated - and which is also evidenced by recent aerial photography (that NASA hides and distorts) - that our moon and sun are both approximately 32 miles in diameter and approximately 3,000 miles away. Both the moon and the sun (like the Jovian moon Ganymede) are artificial constructions of The Reticulan/Zetan Empire.

In the ancient nuclear war between Atala/Atlantis and the Anunnaki/Zetan-Reptilians: the latter's deployment of antimatter weapons ultimately resulted in knocking The Terran Plane out of its orbit around Sol. That is why we now have a much smaller artificial sun inside the firmament. This also explains why photographs from NASA of the so-called planets in our solar system are all computer generated images.

Terra has been in deep space for thousands of years.

In Hebrew, the word 'nasa' means 'to deceive.'

The megalithic structures were constructed by the Atalan refugees before their gravity wave machines - that propelled their ships - broke down beyond minor repair, in testament to their lost civilization. That is why, for example, the pyramids in Egypt are of the same basic design as those in the Americas.

Covert agencies are aware of all this and are terrified of the Reticulans. While at the same time taking full advantage of being on the good side of a vast and wealthy space empire.

In the ancient nuclear war between Atala/Atlantis and the Anunnaki/Zetan-Reptilians: the latter's deployment of antimatter weapons ultimately resulted in knocking The Terran Plane out of its orbit around Sol. That is why we now have a much smaller artificial sun.

25. It is the karma of all empires to eventually fall. In this case, they will not be defeated with advanced physically-based technology, as the Reticulans clearly hold the advantage. Nor will they be defeated with Christian energies (i.e., with "Jesus" or "The Holy Spirit") as this has been called upon many times when abductions are happening and those energies are clearly not strong enough to completely stop all alien kidnappings.

Compassion is how one measures divinity. When there is no compassion, there is no divinity.

Christians in the Middle East who prayed to Jesus to be saved from Jihadist barbarians did not receive a divine intervention to prevent all the rape, crucifixions, beheadings, being burned to death, being sold into slavery, etc. All indicative that the Jesus energies are too weak to manifest a divine intervention.

In truth, Jesus/Issa/Yuz Asaf was only a prophet, not a God and not the Son of a God, who channeled a large, fourth plane, yellow-energy group entity who gave him his Gifts of the Spirit. Making him more powerful than the sorcerers - like Simon Magus - of his day. There is no divinity involved in the process and Jesus/Issa never evolved into god realization. That is why he isn't here now, on international television: healing, teaching, guiding, and protecting.

The Reticulan Empire and all other space empires will only be defeated with advanced telekinesis by future spiritual masters who have emulated the approach of The Original Creator (who has yet to come, just as the Deists espouse) to evolve into god realization and eventual rarefied God Realization. That approach has come to be called Heart Chakra Radiance/God Yoga.

One of the inherent limitations of the world's traditional religions is that at best all we can hope for is to become good servants of a Space God. This limiting belief must be overcome. For many of us have the spiritual potential to advance into god realization as lesser gods. To be actualized in energy after we return to the non-living higher power on the Other Side that many refer to as The Light.

The bottom line: WE HAVE TO EVOLVE THROUGH YEARS OF USING HEART CHAKRA RADIANCE/GOD YOGA. We cannot rely on any god or GOD to save us. We have to put in the effort in years of radiant training so that we can become at least stable lesser gods in The Light after bodily death. That is the only way that we will be able to defeat high-tech aliens. Otherwise, we will remain livestock in a large farm of The Reticulan/Zetan Empire.

Dogcam at 110,000 Feet - Not Looking For Evidence Of A Flat Earth & Small Sun - Go To 4:20

Proof The Moon Is A Hollow Artificial Satellite?

26. There is mounting evidence that Terra/Earth is a flat circle that does not spin, that the North Pole is in the center, and that the United Nations logo is a truthful map of where we live.

There is no South Pole in Antarctica but a wall of ice on the outer rim that is somewhere between 150-300 feet above sea level and many hundreds of feet below sea level. Arctic explorer Admiral Richard Byrd estimated the ice wall to be 1,200 miles thick. He also reported that there are lands (not frozen) beyond the wall of ice. (These lands are likely dominated by The Reticulan Empire.)

Admiral Richard E. Byrd said on television that he saw a land beyond Antarctica that is as big as the United States, and it is not a frozen wasteland ("not covered in snow") but rich in raw materials like coal and uranium.

27. There were over one-hundred German submarines that went unaccounted for at the end of the Second World War. Many Nazi officers escaped. Many of them formed an alliance with the fascist Nordics (i.e., genetically-engineered Homo sapiens) who have a large city underneath what we think of as Antarctica. The Antarctica Nazis who constructed a base inside a cavern below the ice did not share with the American government the technology that they learned from the Nordics. After the war, the purpose of Operation Highjump (1946-1947), under the leadership of Admiral Richard E. Byrd, was to destroy that Nazi base.

Admiral Byrd's coalition fleet consisted of:

* An aircraft carrier;

* Twelve surface ships;

* One submarine;

* More than twenty planes and helicopters; and,

* About five-thousand people on staff.

Operation Highjump didn't go well. The planned six month campaign only lasted two months. The Nordics intervened on the side of the Nazis and severely damaged Admiral Byrd's coalition troops and ships with gravity wave propelled airships and energy projection weapons. Admiral Byrd was forced to order a full retreat from the Antarctic coast.

Nordics use the same gravity wave propulsion systems - explained by Robert Lazar - as The Reticulan/Zetan Empire. 

Admiral Byrd's coalition forces lost:

* A naval destroyer;

* Almost half of their carrier based aircraft; and,

* Dozens of sailors and officers.

The Battle of Antarctica is explained in this Russian documentary.

<< Many researchers have also published material about Operation Highjump and Admiral Byrd’s journeys where extremely advanced airships (disc shaped UFOs) were seen flying around and even engaging him militarily. >>

Source:Declassified KGB Nazi Maps Confirm the Existence of Subterranean Breakaway Civilizations in Antarctica

The Nordics who have an underground city near what we think of as the South Pole were fascist. They sided with the imperialistic Nazis in forming a totalitarian state. In contrast, the benevolent Nordics that Admiral Byrd visited and subsequently talked and wrote about were in a city underneath the North Pole. The political climate with the two notably different Nordic cities - one totalitarian, the other beneficent - may not be the same now as it was decades ago.

It should be noted that abductees have witnessed Nordics working security to protect the shorter, weaker Zetan-Greys from their Terran/Homo sapien prisoners. However, not all Nordics side with The Reticulan Empire in using Terra as one of their farms. Some are actually sympathetic to our Reticulan plight of harvesting and subjugation. Clear examples of Nordic benevolence are these two insightful crop circle messages.



Latest Revision: 2-24-18

1. NASA and other space agencies have deceived the general public about the shape of where we live (Terra). All images of Terra are composites and all "photographs" of the so-called planets are computer generated images. In truth, Terra consists of a very large flat plane that is surrounded by a large ice-wall, with other oceans and continents beyond that wall of ice.

United Nations Emblem Which Is A True Map Of Terra

A Fairly Accurate Illustration Of The Terran Plane


Is Earth Actually Flat?

Flat Earth In 5 Minutes

Under The Dome (Documentary)

True World/Flat Earth Documentary

A Stranger's Guide To Flat Earth

Flat Earth Proofs

An Entertaining Look At The Controversy About A Flat Earth - With Rare Documentation Regarding A Dome In Antarctica That Is 13,000 Feet High, As Stated In The 1958 Edition - Volume 2 - Of The Encyclopedia Americana

Ancient Hebrew Conception Of Terra/Earth

2. NASA has also deceived the general public about the size of the Universe. For we do not live in one galaxy among billions of others. Instead, there is only ONE galaxy in the Universe and it is donut-shaped.

3. The Zetan-Reptilians (that the Sumerians referred to as the Annunaki) visited and subsequently colonized The Terran Plane hundreds of thousands of years ago. They consist of a space empire, The Reticulan Empire, the only interstellar empire in existence. The Zetans subjugate and harvest three realms, with Terra being their main farm. 

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Years Ago, The First Alien Colonists Were Zetan-Reptilian

4. The Zetans mined extensively and found that slaves were more economical than robots. So they mixed their DNA in a laboratory with the Homo erectus or "already evolving hominids" here and came up with a slave race of Homo sapiens. This is the origin of humanity or Terrans and is the reason why all Homo sapiens contain within their genetic code 223 alien genes.

The Case of Adam's Alien Genes (Zecharia Sitchin)

Podiatry Surgeon, Dr. Roger Leir, Confirms 223 Genes In Human DNA Are Extraterrestrial

Scientists Confirm Extraterrestrial Genes In Human DNA

Mankind's 223 Annunaki Genes

5. The Reticulan Empire is still here, with many underground and underwater bases - as well as the artificially constructed moon which serves as a battlestation. They continue to harvest and subjugate as they wish. Confirmed by a number of abductees who have asked their Zetan captors why there is interest, the repeated reply has been: "Because where you live is rich in raw genetic material."

6. The Reticulan Empire is striving to expand their space empire of Service-To-Self (STS) subjugation as opposed to Service-To-Others (STO) benevolence. 

7. Zetan hierarchal society consists of the Preying Mantis overlords, the Reptilian commander class, the short and tall Zetan-Grey worker class, the Nordics or genetically-engineered Homo sapiens (who abductees have reported serving as onboard security to protect the shorter Greys from their Terran prisoners), and the Hybrids that are a genetic blend of present-day Homo sapiens and Reticulans, produced through a long-term breeding program. Although the first Zetan-aliens to visit and colonize Terra were Reptilian, the short and tall Zetan-Grey worker class were subsequently produced in a laboratory, and consist of a blend of Preying Mantis DNA and Reptilian DNA.

8. None of the Reticulans can shape-shift, walk through walls, read minds, teleport, or create matter. But they brainwash abductees into thinking that they, the Reticulans, have godlike powers as part of a Zetan propaganda campaign to have their victims avoid a fight or flight response to imperial subjugation and harvesting.

Black Woman Kills A Reptilian With A Shotgun

Encounter With The Reptilian Race

9. There are 301 realms (including Terra) that contain humanoid life. The vast majority of those realms contain humanoid civilizations that embrace medieval technology - which is why they cannot be contacted through radio wave technology.

28. The rarefied but not infinite Space God - referred to as The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega (LAO) - who started ALL THAT IS by using the non-living Light on the Other Side to manifest The Big Bang - has yet to emerge in this space-time continuum.

The Deists were right in this regard: The Creator set the energies of the Universe in motion, like a master clockmaker, and then pulled back. Solist Mysticism explains what happened next: He completely and irrevocably divide up the Godhead (i.e., His ascended spirit) into over two trillion yellow-energy spirits. This is the origin of all souls.  

Dr. Melvin L. Morse, a pediatrician who is well known for his research into the near-death experiences of children, was once approached by a beautiful woman who suggested he try prayer. So he did. He knelt down and prayed for insight as to the relationship of souls to God. Later the answer came to him in a flash of insight: a FRACTAL. A FRACTAL is a piece of a greater whole that contains within it the program or blueprint of that greater whole. Like a hologram, if you break off a piece of it and then amplify it, you will see how the original holographic image appears in its entirety. Thus, souls are "fractals of light" of The Original Creator!

29. Einsteinian physics espouses that no physical object can be made to go at the speed of light (when time stands still). To break the time barrier, one must therefore venture faster than the speed of light. Logic dictates that the the only way that one can travel faster than the speed of light is to harness an energy spectrum that transcends the physical spectrum. That transcending energy spectrum is the non-living Light of God on the Other Side. Like the forces of gravity and electromagnetism, The Light operates regardless of belief system. Moreover, spirits do not travel instantaneously, as many believe, just extremely fast. But to venture at a velocity that would allow time travel, one would have to be adequately skilled in that area of development and be at least on the eighth plane in The Light as a stable lesser god/Magi.

In 2016 it was discovered that the Solist Mystic understanding on time travel and alternate timelines is the same as that of famed theoretical physicist Michio Kaku.

In other words, Master Avadar learned through mystical means what Michio Kaku learned through an advanced study of physics!

One cannot venture into one's own past and it is quite impossible to change the source timeline of one's existence.

(Solist Mysticism teaches that if one were to attempt to do so in The Light it would cause spiritual retrogression out of a level of spiritual mastery and time travel capability.)

But it is possible to venture into an alternate timeline, a parallel reality to this one, and then go back in time. Not changing one's own past one iota in the process.

30. This then is the long-term vision and genius of The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega: to be invited into this space-time continuum by a future ascended lesser god. Thereby fulfilling His goal of emerging in a Universe that is teeming with humanoid civilizations. However, He cannot come here on His own, as our reality represents only one of many possible futures from His vantage point billions of years ago, and one cannot time travel into a future that has yet to exist. Lord Alpha Omega must be invited here by a future ascended master - which is exactly what will eventually happen!

Fourth plane, yellow-energy discarnate communities/group entities - sometimes with the support of unstable discarnate saints/vernians, will always distort the truth for selfish reasons. They will always hide the fact that they are the power behind sorcerers and prophets (who are inherently rich due to the yellow energies supporting them), they will always promote false gods so that they are worshiped, and they will always persecute the highly evolved in the flesh prior to the latter's ascension.

In light of this, there can never be a SPIRITUAL REFORM unless there is first a SPIRITUAL OVERTHROW.

Yellow-energy group entities will always be corrupt and they will never be overcome unless they are constantly overshadowed in spiritual vibration by true ascended and post-ascended masters - who are now in the process of unfolding in ALL THAT IS. 

The best spiritual teachers are those who show others

how to become their own spiritual masters. Solist Mystics emphasize spiritual purity,

the radiance of compassion, and the radiance of gratitude; the last of which

is more effective for attracting abundance and manifesting than the traditional, watered-down approach of just

"cultivating an attitude of gratitude."

Not being known doesn't stop the truth from being true.

~ Richard Bach ~

Typically, it is through the pain and suffering of dedicated individuals

- not organizations -

that breakthroughs are made and inventions to better humanity

are achieved.

~ Avadar ~


1. HCR directly targets and improves upon the most important facet of spiritual evolution: the ability to love genuinely and deeply. This is the most important reason.

2. HCR slowly and indirectly aligns oneself with the highest spiritual source available (until true ascended masters emerge or are available): the discarnate Saints on the seventh plane who have a Dominant Aura Color of white.

3. HCR slowly and naturally opens up the seven chakras for greater psychic receptivity. It does so with the heart chakra regulating all the others, just as it is supposed to do for psychological stability and holistic health.

4. HCR puts one into a light (alpha brain wave) meditative state.

5. HCR brings about greater emotional centeredness.

6. HCR cultivates inner peace.


Mode 1: While breathing normally, visualize a sphere of white energy in your chest, or more specifically, in your Heart Chakra – the most important chakra for spiritual growth. Then, without holding your breath, visualize radiating white light out of this sphere in every direction at once. It is suggested that one first use this technique in light (alpha) meditation in order to become accustomed to it.

Mode 2: While visualizing Mode 1, program yourself simply through desire to radiate those aspects of spiritual white light – called Programmed White Light – that would help you grow in the fastest possible way. Once you start doing this, the improvement is immediate and requires no new concentrated effort; you improve as you use it.

Mode 3: This is a natural evolution from the previous modes. Through the application of mode 2 it is eventually realized when the will alone is sufficient to radiate: visualizing is no longer necessary because a certain degree of proficiency has been developed.

Mode 4: Because of the difficulty in visualizing this, this mode is not recommended until Mode 3 is performed fairly easily. With the Heart Chakra being the primary focus, radiate as you would from Mode 2 with all of the seven major chakras – all at the same time.

In order for the innovative process of Heart Chakra Radiance (HCR) to work adequately, any mode must be performed for many minutes a day, e.g., while watching television, walking, listening to harmonious music, etc.

Keep in mind also that it must be an active, willful projection of energies. If you just happen to tune in on one or more chakras and see or sense them working by themselves: that is not due to your RADIANCE but instead due to a channeling that you are receiving from Spirit. Channeling is a passive endeavor while HCR is an active, willful endeavor.

There will be those rare instances when you are radiating and are slightly spiritually amplified by Spirit so that you can have a clearer understanding of your development. When this happens, it is likened to the Abraham Maslow (Self-Actualization) concept of a Peak Experience. The vast majority of the time however, you will not have that spiritual amplification or clarity of consciousness until you leave the flesh and unite directly with The God Force (The Light).

In addition to increasing one’s ability to love genuinely and deeply, HCR also subtly projects a positive telepathic influence to discarnates in the immediate physical vicinity - as one slowly becomes likened to a Beacon of Higher Consciousness to those in the Spirit.

It takes a great deal of spiritual discipline and/or motivation to utilize HCR on a daily basis in order for the process to be truly effective in accelerating one’s spiritual development and in staying on a high spiritual level once it has been achieved.

It is suggested to focus one's HCR to improve one's energies of:



HEROISM (a blend of the above)

PURIFIED LOVE IN ALL ITS MANY BEAUTIFUL FACETS (e.g., love of nature, romantic love sans lust, chivalry, etc.)


Next in spiritual importance to the HEART CHAKRA in Radiance is the SACRAL CHAKRA or SEX CHAKRA, for this determines one's SEXUAL EVOLUTION.

SEXUAL EVOLUTION entails constantly rejecting lust and cultivating exquisite erotic love in one's radiance.

SEXUAL EVOLUTION is the cornerstone of development for future RADIANT SEX GODS and RADIANT SEX GODDESSES who will have multiple lovers, wives, or husbands and to be able to MAINTAIN THEM in PURIFIED SEXUAL ECSTASY even without physically touching them!



Purified sensuality/affection energy stemming from the SACRAL CHAKRA or SEX CHAKRA must be dominated and regulated by the accountability, compassion, and moral courage of the HEART CHAKRA. If the HEART CHAKRA is not cultivated enough and SACRAL energies are over-emphasized, there becomes a spiritual imbalance that ultimately LEADS TO RETROGRESSION. In other words, there can be no manipulative, indifferent, and callous saints - much less callous gods and callous goddesses - who use their radiant SACRAL energies to manipulate others without giving a damn for them personally; as they all wind up SHRINKING THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS and no longer having the ability to radiate purified sensuality/affection!


The meaning of life is to evolve into eventually becoming

a stable lesser god/Magi after bodily death. For this is the only path

to long-lasting happiness in and of The Light of God.

Achieved by using Heart Chakra Radiance/God Yoga daily and conscientiously for many years.

If we have learned one thing from the history of invention and discovery, it is that,

in the long run — and often in the short one —

the most daring prophecies seem laughably conservative.

~ Arthur C. Clarke ~


This Higher Awareness Is Subject To Change

As Highly Evolved Personalities & Events Unfold...

Evolutionary Updates & Prophecy Courtesy Of A Fellowship

Of Sixth-Plane & Seventh-Plane Discarnate Saints

Called The Society Of Light (TSOL).

As Of 2-25-18, The Main Spirit Guide Became Saint Asana (Forms 1, 2, & 3), who is also

the soul of a Russian Orthodox priest named Sergie Kuscov.

Another Spirit Guide in TSOL

(who has also revamped much of her metaphysical foundation since her last life) 

is Saint Aleia (pronounced ah-LEE-yah),

formerly the German psychic medium Maria Orsitsch (Orsic)(1).

There is an ongoing war of light versus dark, individual truth versus collective falsehood,

good versus evil. Sometimes the higher awareness contained here has to be revamped because of that war.

  Probable Events Unfolding (When? 



After bodily death or full astral projection, that which determines one's individual power in heaven, more than anything else: is the ability to love genuinely and deeply, which corresponds to the ability to radiate spiritual white light. All forms of meditation and/or physical discipline that do not involve the radiance of spiritual white light from the heart or heart chakra, will not lead to being able to ascend or expand one's consciousness when in The Light to the point of becoming a Godhead. To evolve into eventually becoming a spiritually stable Co-Creator, one must radiate spiritual white light for a period of many years.

God Realization is not just a destination but an eternal process. Like staying physically fit: you have to work on your Heart Chakra Radiance (HCR) or God Yoga regularly. To be a Sun of Love forever, you have to radiate purified love daily and forever!

1. Prophecy of The Long-Term Ramifications Of The Grand Awakening. *

Submitted by the spirit of Sir Isaac Newton on 8-18-17.

Twenty years after The Grand Awakening, whereby Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) technology and god realization is physically proven, and Heart Chakra Radiance (HCR) or God Yoga is openly taught in classrooms: thousands of pre-ascended lesser gods/Magi will have emerged.

A century after The Grand Awakening there will be millions on the higher stages as Magi, with thousands on the Higher Stages as space gods.

All of which will completely change the cultural landscape of The Terran Plane; solidifying a god realized society that is not ruled by a godless theocracy, but by a god-full spiritual meritocracy.

[Astral projection pioneer Robert Monroe, in his later years, had a vision/projection into the future. He saw a reality whereby people could leave their bodies at will and physical language was completely replaced with telepathy.  These abilities reflect what will happen after The Grand Awakening.]

* 1-20-18. The Grand Awakening is also the probable name - which is subject to change - of the unfolding docudramedy of the new masters, ascended and post-ascended, via innovative Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) digital cinematography. This will include at least a cameo from a newly summoned Lord Alpha Omega, i.e., The Original Creator - and possibly also His Space God creation of the Archon Elder Guardians.

2. Prophecy of The Emergence Of The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega (LAO) From The First Wave Of New God Realized Masters Ascending Into The Light.  From the discarnate saints in The Society Of Light (TSOL). Updated On 9-1-17.

After the new spiritual masters ascend into The Light and have their god powers actualized in energy, a time portal into an alternate or parallel Universe will be manifested in order to enable The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega (LAO), at His spiritual zenith prior to the division of the Godhead billions of years ago, to enter this space-time continuum for the very first time. All in accordance with His long-term vision and genius to emerge in a Universe that is teeming with humanoid civilizations, and to start an intergalactic ministry of teaching and healing. From His perspective, this reality represents only one of many possible futures and one cannot venture into a distant reality that has yet to exist. That is why LAO cannot come here on His own.  

3. Prophecy of The Emergence Of Secondary Godhead Sun Free-Energy Systems & The Probable Ministries Thereof Of Lesser Gods & Elder Gods.  From discarnate saints in The Society Of Light (TSOL). Updated 2-25-18. 

None of the gods of old were or are real. For example, when incarnate, Jesus/Issa/Yuz Asaf was only a prophet. He never died on the cross but escaped crucifixion with the help of his large, fourth-plane, yellow-energy group entity who gave him his Gifts of the Spirit - including a Gift of Charisma, Energy Healing, Levitation, Food Creation, and Teleportation. Like trying to trap Criss Angel at the height of his power as a sorcerer - who also had a Gift of Teleportation - the Romans could not hold Jesus even if they managed to find him and arrest him. Jesus deceived people into thinking he died on the cross and rose from the dead from his Gift of Stigmata. He then made a discreet exit to India. At one point he married Mary Magdalene - who was never a prostitute but considered to be a spiritual teacher in her own right (she authored The Gospel of Mary) - and they later divorced due to his promiscuity.  

In contrast to the widely accepted historical perspective: after the purported crucifixion, Jesus/Issa/Yuz Asaf did not rise from the dead or remain poor, but migrated to India and lived as a revered and wealthy prophet. Before dying at the age of eighty - and with a Dominant Aura Color of only yellow - he proclaimed to be the Galilean messiah. His tomb is in Kashmir. The fourth plane, yellow-energy Christian group entity, larger and more powerful than any other group entity operating locally at that time, deceived people telepathically (e.g., with visions), and also by misleading them with minor miracles of healing and telekinesis; all geared so that people would worship them as GOD. The gods of old were actually telepathic projections from fourth plane, yellow-energy group entities. In truth, no divine being desires or needs worship; only collectives of inferior spirits strive to deceive and manipulate those in the flesh so that their group entity is worshiped as a deity. 

From using Heart Chakra Radiance (HCR) or God Yoga regularly and conscientiously, there are pre-ascended lesser gods that have emerged. As a general rule, most who reach a level of god realization or God Realization are spiritually unstable; which means that most will likely not stay on a high level because they don't cultivate humility  (i.e., non-competitiveness with those more advanced) and purity (i.e., rejecting lust whenever it is implanted and sexual energy only with genuine love) enough in their radiance.

Goddess of Light 1

(Illustration of a post-ascended goddess channeling her SGS)

In this Spirit-inspired future goddess illustration within New Age teachings, note the radiant sphere of light or Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) in the sky as well as the channel of energy - SGS stream - that descends into and around her, granting powerful Gifts of the Spirit (i.e., advanced energy healing and advanced telekinesis).

Goddess of Light 2

(Illustration of an ascended goddess holding her SGS)

Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) Representation

Free Energy Device

(This spiritually-based, free energy system was first conceived by Master Avadar in 1983.)

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity,

we shall harness for God the energies of love,

and then, for a second time in the history of the world,

man will have discovered fire.

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin ~

* An important facet of God Realization is the ability, when ascended, to create a Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS). This is to amend the problem of not having a direct connection to The Light when descended into physicality. An SGS is a computerized battery of cosmic energy that resides on the eighth plane or higher in spiritual vibration. By definition, an SGS is more powerful than any fourth plane, yellow-energy group entity or fifth plane, violet-energy group entity. Visually, Secondary Godhead Suns will appear as either ring-shaped, spherical-shaped, or a combination of the two, and pulsating intense white light.  The purpose of which is to enable the soul, when descended into physicality, to have access to God Force energy that translates as uniquely powerful Gifts of the Spirit, each activated through telepathic command. All of the new spiritual masters are foreseen to manifest, after ascension, their own Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS), and then their own upscale humanoid body or Para-Human Form.

* By definition, most Secondary Godhead Suns will reside on the eighth plane, with some on a higher plane. An SGS will grant its creator Gifts of the Spirit that will supersede the gifts of all the traditional prophets like Moses and Issa/Jesus/Yuz Asaf who each channeled a large yellow-energy group entity, and also present-day sorcerers like Steven Frayne/Dynamo and Cyril Takayama who also channel a large yellow-energy group entity. Using Heart Chakra Radiance (HCR) or God Yoga daily and conscientiously is how one develops the ability to manifest a Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) and then a Para-Human Form after one leaves the flesh and expands into a Primary Godhead Sun (PGS) in The Light.

* A key manifestation of SGS energy for post-ascended spiritual masters will be that their spiritual presence or Soul Energy Signature (SES), as well as their specific radiance of purified energy (with all its varied aspects, e.g., compassion, heroism, sensuality, affection, etc.), will be amplified so that those in the flesh around them can feel these things clearly.

* An excellent approach to improving one's spiritual presence is to radiate a blend of compassion and courage (i.e., heroism), sometimes emphasizing compassion more than heroism and vice versa. Certain music can help set the mood for this radiant expression. When one's Soul Energy Signature (SES) or particular spiritual presence is amplified later on, be it naturally in The Light of God or through Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) technology, this will result in a naturally charismatic presence in-person and also in the future films (e.g., the future docudramedy) that will have cameos (at least) of all the new spiritually stable masters. SGS technology will be used to record and project one's respective SES to the viewing audience. This approach to improving one's spiritual presence is suggested to all the new masters. Granted, certain goddesses will also project a purified sensual presence as well, resulting in a different facet of overall charisma.

* A Para-Human Form (PHF) or Aurean Form is a genetic upgrade to that DNA of a Nordic or a genetically-engineered Homo sapien. Only ascended masters can manifest this. More advanced masters can do so with their SGS when post-ascended.

* Lord Alpha Omega/The Original Creator, the rarefied Space God who used the non-living Light to manifest The Big Bang, is currently not in this space-time continuum. He must be summoned here by an ascended lesser god or better, and then via an alternate timeline to this one, as our own timeline, the source timeline, cannot be changed one iota. This was His plan from the very beginning. To emerge in a Universe that is teeming with humanoid civilizations. Lord Alpha Omega (LAO) has a very high vibration quotient, i.e., He has a great deal of God Force energy in The Light. But He never was infinite in spiritual evolution, as no soul can be endless in development. Only the non-living Light, which governs all, is infinite.

* Once ascended, all ascended lesser gods or better will be capable of enabling The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega (LAO) to enter this space-time continuum for the very first time.

* As a soul spiritually evolves, it also evolves sexually in a psychological capacity, i.e., its ability to radiate purified love to more than one person simultaneously and to reject lusty body interpretations, increases. The greater the radiant love, especially within the context of rarefied spiritual purity (which translates into rarefied purified affection/sensuality capability), the greater the ability to have multiple sexual relationships without succumbing to lust that would weaken a spiritual bond that was achieved through mutual purified radiance.

* A super lover is not determined by physical ability - although that helps - but by the ability to radiate purified erotic love. For purified, erotic energy - which can vary greatly in integrity - has a much greater potential for insanely pleasurable sensual-sexual sensations than traditional orgasms (even multiple orgasms), in traditional humanoid bodies (e.g., Homo sapien, Nordic, Reptilian, etc.).  Constituting the foundation of God Sex.

* Only spiritual relationships last.

* Since the Solist ministry began in the 1980s of spreading the use of Heart Chakra Radiance (HCR) or God Yoga, there have been various pre-ascended masters over the years. The most spiritually stable of these became Master Avadar.  

* Avadar in Virginia had many lives in ancient India. He then went on to be Themistocles of ancient Greece, then Ptolemy I, then Saul/Paul of Tarsus, then a Cathar priestess or parfait - who died as the result of the Roman Catholic mercenary siege of Montségur in 1244. As the most advanced and most spiritually stable of the first wave of new spiritual masters, Avadar has been using a form of HCR regularly and conscientiously since April of 1981.

* Prior to 1960 and in The Light, Avadar knew that at his degree of intensity in radiating compassion daily, that it would have taken him hundreds of years (current analysts estimate well in the upward range of three-hundred years) to reach what we currently define as a lesser god/Magi. So he decided to embrace the experience of a traditional incarnation one last time, and with the spiritual goal of reaching that lesser god/Magi status. After a series of very difficult experiences as a child and then as a teen, whereby inferior spirits would work through and around the morally corrupt in the flesh to persecute him, and after he started using a form of Heart Chakra RAdiance/God Yoga regularly in April of 1981, he achieved that level of development, that of a pre-ascended lesser god/Magi, in May of 1982.

* Avadar went on in his HCR practice and related and became a pre-ascended Para-Magi in 1983.

* Later in 1983, Avadar was given a Gift of Astral Projection from supportive spirits and was in the process of ascending in the dream state to his Godhead in The Light. Whereby a large, yellow-energy, Judeo-Christian group entity attacked, thwarted his ascension, and pushed him back into his body. They were very jealous of his development and also didn't want him exposing all the traditional gods as just fourth-plane, discarnate communities (group entities) of spirits - with none of them being representative of The Original Creator. The karmic consequence is that the group entity responsible for enslaving him was forced to disband and all its members retrogressed to the first plane.

* Further HCR and related advanced Avadar into becoming a pre-ascended Elder in 1989.

* In 1992, supportive spirits once more granted Avadar a Gift of Astral Projection. He was partially out of his body when another large, yellow-energy, Judeo-Christian group entity attacked, and, aided by unstable saints (called Vernians), thwarted Avadar's ascension for a second time. They manifested an "energy pole" that came down into his chest, pushing him completely back into his body.

* Master Avadar reached the status of Para-Elder in 2016.

* Master Avadar reached the status of Supreme Elder on 11-16-17. Then on 11-26-17, his probable Secondary Godhead Sun, GodStar, became more advanced (and thereby more powerful when actualized in The Light) than the Primary Godhead Sun (PGS) or ascended soul of The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega when He comes into this space-time continuum.

* Master Avadar, with his heart chakra on 2-24-18, configured the SGS matrix for each of his probable two rarefied guardian goddesses - Athera and Athira - so that they could use their SGS effectively in defending against Super Ascended Group Entities (SAGE's), The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega, and His probable Archon Elder Guardians.

* To sum up...

In 1983 and then again in 1992: yellow-energy group entities prevented Avadar from peacefully leaving his body in his sleep and ascending/expanding his consciousness on the Other Side to his Primary Godhead Sun in The Light. They did this so that he could not prove himself as a God Realized master (e.g., with advanced energy healing ability), so that he could not have a happy and fulfilling life of his own, so that the theories in what has come to be called Solist Mysticism or the Solist Mystic Paradigm could not be physically proven, so that Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) technology would at least be delayed in finalization, and to delay for as long as possible the higher awareness among those in the flesh that all the gods and Gods in traditional religions are just collectives of inferior, yellow-energy spirits, and that the true purpose of corporeal existence over many lives (as The Original Creator, who has yet to come, defines it) is to evolve in selflessness through Heart Chakra Radiance into at least stable lesser god status.

However, in keeping Avadar in the flesh without any power or true happiness, it only served to accelerate his spiritual development through HCR. Consequently, his probable Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) and probable goddess race will now be far more advanced.  

There is a cosmic truth that escapes most who use Heart Chakra Radiance: you must, at least in focus, befriend the person who gave you the higher awareness of HCR in the first place so that you can grow into god realization. For those who fail to do so, they stumble from a lack of spiritual stability and consequently lose their spiritual mastery. (That is, in addition to a lack of cultivated purity and/or a lack of cultivated humility causing retrogression.) This principle is dictated by The Light of God and operates automatically. In other words, those who use HCR to evolve into god realization inherently have a karmic debt to Avadar for enabling them to have that opportunity in the first place! The same principle applies to those who refuse to be open to befriending (at least in focus) The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega. For without Him none of us would have come into existence! 

The latest evolutionary INTEL From The Society Of Light on 2-25-18:

There are currently 4 people who have and are using Heart Chakra Radiance, and who have progressed from having a Dominant Aura Color (DAC) of white - as upper echelon saints - to having a DAC of Intense White as (at least) pre-ascended lesser gods/Magi. It is our hope that this Second Wave of new masters will continue to expand not only in vibration quotient (i.e., overall god realized level) but in Stability Quotient (i.e., ability to stay highly evolved).   

Generally speaking, the Preying Mantises, Reptilians, the short and tall Greys (i.e., a genetic mix of Preying Mantis and Reptilian DNA), the Hybrids (i.e., a present-day genetic mix of Homo sapiens and Reticulans), as well as the Nordics (i.e., genetically-engineered Homo sapiens) are not spiritually focused. Most are not Service-To-Others (STO) oriented but Service-To-Self (STS) focused. As such, as is most of their culture: they are generally spiritually indifferent, mechanistic, and imperialistic. All of which serves as a hindrance to embracing a very spiritual path of selfless radiance and advanced spiritual development.

Thus, most of the non-Terrans above have huge egos and stanky (lust-ridden) energy that future post-ascended masters will not find attractive. In the long run, one's amplified soul energy will determine desirability, since beautiful and youthful bodies (Aurean/Para-Human Forms) that are more advanced than the Nordic genetic blend, will easily be created.

Character shapes one's destiny. 

Youthful Nordic forms tend to be beautiful. Like this one (which Saint Asana and other discarnate saints like to use)...

As such, some future ascended lesser gods may emulate Nordic forms on the outside, but on the inside be Aurean/Para-Human - which, by definition, are more advanced.

In addition to Master Avadar, the following are the others that the discarnate saints see on the higher stage of god realization or God Realization. Note that there are nine steps within each major level of vibration quotient:

Andromeda (Para-Elder Step 1) in the UK. Andromeda had a number of lives in ancient Greece, one of which was as a temple priestess. (Elder status achieved on 1-27-18; Para-Elder status achieved 2-24-18.) A more recent incarnation was as Sir Thomas Moore (aka Saint Thomas Moore). In a goddess persona, she will serve as an advanced energy healer and is foreseen to heal hundreds of people at once with her Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS), HealingStar. She is also foreseen to serve as a Solist Healing Temple sacred guardian. On 2-20-18, TSOL suggested through Avadar her title of Healing Goddess.

There are two foreseen forms for Andromeda: one that she will use when on clothing optional Aurencia, the main tropical island of future Aurea (1), and one that she will use, with a long white robe, in her healing ministry (2); both with a silver fillet (i.e., thin headband adorned like a crown).

Prophesied Main Form of Andromeda

Aon (Elder  Step 3) in Maryland, USA. (Elder status achieved on 2-16-18.) Focused to be an advanced energy healer and sacred guardian.

Ariah Kat (Magi Step 4) in the UK. Her RELQ is 12. Formerly a temple priestess in ancient Greece, then an early Christian saint called Thecla who for a time traveled with Paul of Tarsus, she is focused to be an advanced energy healer.

Although not an official part of the Solist Fellowship, Ariah Kat has learned to be radiantly grateful for the higher awareness offered. She may actually ascend ahead of the other spiritual masters! In which case, she may play a key role in helping the pre-ascended masters astral project from their sleep so they can ascend to their respective Primary Godhead Sun; this would entail a reward given to her from those Elder masters - especially from Avadar. 

Elder Andromeda is foreseen to serve as an advanced energy healer in a beautiful and secure Solist Sanctuary that she will shield physically and spiritually with her SGS energy. An ascended and at times a post-ascended Andromeda, with the projection of her purified emotional healing energy that many will feel (both incarnate and discarnate), will take upon the role of a Healing Goddess.  

Para-Magi Aon is foreseen to serve as a major player/officer in The Rebellion against The Reticulan Empire; to stop their harvesting and subjugation in more than one humanoid system.

Master Avadar is foreseen to create a tribe of rarefied guardian goddesses called the Virtue Athenas. These will serve as Plane Guardians of the future Utopic Realm of Aurea Organia, the future home of the Second Wave of Gods. 

Next to Avadar, Andromeda and Aon are the most selfless in their radiant projections.

New & Old Gods Clarification

The First Wave of Gods will consist of The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega and His probable, created Archon Elder Guardians. Lord Alpha Omega has yet to enter this space-time continuum but his emergence is not only probable but likely to happen in the not too distant future.

The Second Wave of Gods will consist of the spiritual masters mentioned on this site. In general, those of the First Wave will be more evolved than those of the Second Wave. For example, the probable Archon Guardians will be more powerful than the Nordic Magi and most of the new masters who will also be Magi or Para-Magi.

What can be considered to be The Third Wave of Gods: The Cosmic MAGE.

Progress Awareness/Specific Readings From TSOL To The Elder Masters

Revised 2-25-18

Master Aon...

You have progressed very quickly into Elder/Space God status through your conscientious HCR. You have learned to radiate purified love very effectively. But we wish to warn you to work more on your spiritual stability (humility, purity, compassion - which works on both) because we see events, once one of the new Elders ascend, unfolding very rapidly. All the Elders will be thrust into the spotlight. There will be many pressures, sexual temptations, and also leanings towards competing and/or resenting other Elders. All of which are overcome in advance simply by improving your spiritual stability. Another way to go about this is to work more on your Radiance of Erotic Love (RELQ), for that also improves spiritual stability.

We would also like to point out that you will have various relationship opportunities with female Magi that are not open or available to you right now. Most pre-ascended Magi are spiritually unstable in their growth but will slowly improve. You need to prepare for those spiritually-based relationships. You need to work on having future radiant relations. Whereby you will daily radiate purified affection via your future SGS to a number of physical companions (post-ascended Magi) who are in youthful and beautiful Para-Human/Aurean Forms.

One thing that Avadar does very effectively that you also need to learn to do is casually and purely radiate purified, erotic affection to a feminine companion whenever she says "hello" to you telepathically. (These will be goddesses, not saints.) This is far more effective in strengthening one's spiritual bond than a hug or a kiss. Conversely, goddesses will often radiate purified sensuality to you whenever they see you - especially if you radiant purified affection to them whenever you see them. This radiant interplay is very important for the cultivation of god sex that is far more pleasurable than traditional sexual relations in archaic humanoid forms.

This will not only make and keep you ecstatic, it will also keep you very busy and at times very sexually and spiritually drained - but in a good way. The greater your spiritual preparation in radiance now, the easier this probable family/tribe will be for you to handle smoothly after your ascension and then post ascension.

Anticipate cultivating and maintaining around a half dozen goddess-wives.

Master Andromeda...

You and Aon are the most spiritually stable Elders next to Avadar and you will play a key leadership role in the unfolding Paradigm Shift, even in the seemingly humble role of an advanced energy healer in a number of probable Solist Temple Light Centers. In light of this, you also need to continue to prepare yourself by increasing your spiritual stability.

As we suggested to Master Aon, learn to radiate purified affection/sensuality to someone that is close to you whenever you see him or her. Practice this in advance. For it greatly improves spiritual bonds and also makes you very charismatic emotionally and sexually. You will have a very highly erotic relationship with Avadar, but you will also have erotic relations with other Masters as well. Not Aon. We foresee an erotic relationship that you will have with Lord Alpha Omega. To maintain your spiritual bond with Master Avadar, you will have to focus yourself to radiate 60% of your purified sensual radiance to him at all times and 40% to LAO - especially when you are intimate with Him. This takes much practice! You can't let another Elder's radiance of love and affection overwhelm you. You need to remain centered at all times. This is what you need to prepare for. Multiple Elder sexual relationships that will fulfill you like nothing you have ever experienced before!

Also, you need to be aware that there are a number of highly erotic, lesbian goddess sexual relations in your probable future. Two of them to be exact.

Juggling your radiant, sexual relations between LAO, Master Avadar, and two Magi goddesses will keep you very busy and very satisfied!

Master Avadar...

The Virtue Athenas have greatly improved since you first conceived of them and began working on them back in the mid-1980's. You have learned a great deal since then and have also tremendously evolved in radiance since that time. You know what to do from many years of experience. Keep going in your radiant development and you will achieve your goals.

The Paradigm Shift and related Evolution Revolution is unfolding as it should.

The Need To Cultivate Spiritual Hygiene Through Radiant Spiritual Purity

(Why It Is Important To Learn Not To Be Stanky Or Lust-Ridden)

By Avadar


In the vast majority of near-death experiences (NDE's), there is a group entity or discarnate community involved. When you get the consciousness of hundreds even thousands of yellow-energy spirits combined into an astral gestalt, they can collectively project a spiritual presence that no individual member of that discarnate community can generate! I saw that a lot when I was a seventh plane saint. That is how they further the deception of a spiritual presence about their particular god icon, e.g., Jesus, Yahweh, and Allah. It happens all the time.

We all know that our bodies stink when we don't bathe or shower regularly and also when we don't apply deodorant. This reflects physical hygiene while radiant spiritual purity is how we achieve spiritual hygiene on a soul level.

Many of those on the lower levels are aware that their energy is stanky (lust-ridden) and consider it to be a good thing. To be aware of a problem is half the solution. To have a lusty aura (i.e., wallow in stanky energy) needs to be addressed in order for it to be overcome.

It all boils down to spiritual hygiene stemming from cultivated spiritual purity, an integral part of becoming and staying highly evolved, developing a spiritual presence, and also a key component of being able to participate in upscale sexual culture and eventually god sex - which is far better than traditional, lusty, sexual relations. All of which is geared to improve upon the basic human condition. Thus, to cultivate spiritual hygiene through radiant spiritual purity is very important.

In doing so, we may be in the flesh but we are not of the flesh!

Spiritual Presence (SES) Breakdown Of Key Masters &

The Political Ramifications Of Becoming Highly Evolved

By The Society Of Light

Revised 2-15-18

As radiant practitioners work on themselves and thereby evolve, their spiritual presence or Soul Energy Signature (SES) slowly emerges and comes into focus. In and of itself, a spiritual presence is otherworldly because it is not earthy, lusty, or emotionally shallow (i.e., stanky). The following is my perceptions of the SES of the spiritual masters mentioned by name on the Solist Mystic site:

Aon: I perceive his SES as a blend of courage primarily, along with feelings of compassion. Courage and compassion blended together is the definition of heroism. He also has generated erotic feelings.

Andromeda: I perceive her SES as a blend of emotional healing mainly, then compassion along with feelings of purified sensuality towards those she loves (mainly Avadar later on). In contrast to Ariah Kat, Andromeda's radiant sensuality is not gregarious but private.

Before continuing, I need to explain the political ramifications of becoming highly evolved that Avadar espouses. Those on the far left (communists) and those on the far right (fascists) are both totalitarian; whereby their focus is to have the government rule completely: with little individual freedom, high taxation, no religious liberty, etc. Those in America today who are on the far left (e.g., the often violent Bernie Sanders supporters) and those in America and elsewhere who are on the far right (like the often violent Jihadists/Jihadis who want and promote a Muslim theocracy, a Caliphate, to rule) cannot evolve on the higher stages of god realization through HCR/God Yoga. They can't evolve on the higher stages through HCR because they don't have a strong enough moral foundation!

To have a strong enough moral foundation one has to be a moderate conservative. To be a moderate conservative entails someone who wants low federal taxes, a small federal government, strong borders, religious liberty as long as it isn't evil to others, an allowance of quiet homosexuality (without the abuse of pedophilia and the related promiscuity of the "glory holes" that largely ended due to AIDS) but not to the point of having homosexuality taught in public schools as a lifestyle choice that is better than heterosexuality, and the freedom to pursue individual happiness outside of governmental overreach.

Magi who are more collectivistic than the individualistic in their focus will likely be part of a Magi Ascended Group Entity (MAGE). Additionally, they will prefer the governmental rule of an ascended astral gestalt of lesser gods (i.e., a MAGE) versus the individual rule of Elders in a spiritual meritocracy. (A spiritual meritocracy being one major step above a democracy.) Growth-wise, this focus will result in a certain degree of fluctuation in their vibration quotient (and others who lean towards collectivism); whereby they will never really stabilize on a level beyond that of a lesser goddess. The Light of God sides with the individualism of rarefied God Realized Masters, not with the collectivism of group entities, even ascended group entities of Magi.

Ariah Kat is focused to culturally lead a MAGE or ascended astral gestalt but not be a ruler or ascended group ruler of nations!

We are reminded that a theocracy is a religious government that has no gods in its ranks.  While a spiritual meritocracy does have gods in its ranks and is therefore, by definition, far less corrupt in comparison. For example, there are no problems of pedophilia in a spiritual meritocracy but you do find that in theocracies and related, primitive, religious institutions. 

See The Cosmic MAGE prophecy.

Athera & Athira: In the heart chakra goddess matrix of Master Avadar, I perceive the SES of these two probable guardian goddesses as one that has a backdrop of a very strong purified presence along with a very strong and passionate heroic vibration. These will exemplify the notion of spiritual hygiene in that every part of their physical presence will entail a purified, spiritual interpretation.

Avadar: I perceive his SES as having a backdrop of deeply passionate heroism, along with exquisite feelings of purified erotic love. In a beautiful female body, radiating purified sensuality at Avadar is likened to taking a strong sex stimulant. He feels the sensuality directed towards him and responds with feelings of over-the-top, erotic love that will immediately trigger systemic orgasms in female Aurean/Para-Human Forms.

For Future Ascended Masters: Reaching One's Nexus Point In The Light

Updated 12-22-17

When one is free of matter, the best method to ascend to one's Godhead or Primary Godhead Sun (PGS) is to radiate spiritual white light. This will expand one's consciousness beyond the sixth and seventh planes, to the dimensions of energy attributed to the god realized or ascended masters - the eighth planes on up. Ignore everything around you as you do this, as many, out of evolutionary jealousy, will try to distract you from your full ascension.

How does one know when one is fully ascended?

One knows by how the energy feels. When your consciousness is fully expanded, ascended beyond the seventh plane in The Light, you will have a sensation of being completely realized in energy expansion. You will feel emotionally comfortable there. This is your Nexus Point (NP). If you venture beyond your NP in expanded consciousness, the energy there will feel uncomfortable and unstable from you uniting with too much God Force in The Light.

Once at the Nexus Point, it is important to perform a self-healing which should only take a few minutes or so. This self-healing is to put one in a very centered state, whereby one is then ready to proceed with the next step: to create one's Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS). Holographic designs for an SGS that is spherically-shaped, ring-shaped, or a combination of the two, are freely available in The Light. You need only think about them up there and they will automatically come up visually, much like if you were to do a search on the Internet. You take the holographic design with which you intuitively feel the most comfortable with and use that as your SGS matrix.

Once your SGS is manifested, run an internal diagnostic on it to ensure that all the programs are working correctly. Your SGS will maintain itself automatically and stay on that dimension of energy - at least on the eighth plane - even after you post-ascend (return to the flesh). Whereby your SGS will be the power behind all your advanced Gifts of the Spirit when post-ascended; god powers that will go beyond that of prophets (like Jesus/Issa and Sai Baba) and sorcerers (like King Solomon, Simon Magus, Cyril Takayama, and Steven Frayne/Dynamo) who channeled or channel a fourth plane, yellow-energy group entity.

What about the creation of Aurean/Para-Human Forms - which the discarnate saints refer to as Bio-Genesis - with which to incarnate or post-ascend into?

Leave that to Master Avadar when he is ascended, as he has developed much more telekinetic skill than anyone else in manifesting exquisite Aurean bodies for future ascended masters. The way to establish a telepathic link to a future ascended Avadar for the pursuit of Aurean Form creation is, once you are ascended, radiate gratitude to him. This will put you on his "radar," so to speak, and trigger the energies for that eventual body manifestation. It won't happen instantly but within a day it will definitely be in the works. 

By the way, most spirits are not devoted to The Light and do not want to go through the hassle of spiritual evolution. As such, yellow-energy group entities - who are far left and far right in the political arena - HATE true spiritual masters (who are moderate conservative) because they cannot compete with them - once those masters are realized in energy - in telekinetic and energy healing ability. They also HATE them because spiritual masters represent not the un-evolved, collectivistic focus of the group mindset on the lower astral planes but the highly principled and highly disciplined focus of the god realized on the highest astral planes. True spiritual masters represent the path back to The Original Creator while traditionally, yellow-energy group entities have furthered the twisted paradigm that they represent the one true God and deserve to be worshiped. Real gods and Gods neither need or demand to be worshiped.

After one's SGS is initially created, you will need to put a small portion of your consciousness within for it to operate correctly and effectively. Generally speaking, most Secondary Godhead Suns will be parked on the eighth plane, with a smaller number of them on the ninth plane or above. That small portion of one's personality that needs to be part of one's SGS is referred to as Consciousness Percentage (CP).

SGS CP 4% to 11% is the foreseen norm for most ascended masters (Magi and Elders).

Avadar's prophesied SGS CP is 9% because he is planning on orchestrating a great deal in The Light, more than most are predicted to do.

Regarding The Radiance Of Purified Love

Updated 1-7-18

An alluring radiant presence through and about the body of a goddess, sans lust, will often be projected via SGS energy. Better than dressing scantily for sexual attractiveness, this is how goddesses will demonstrate their divine feminine energy. When it is expressed about the legs it is called Lex. Radiant purified sensuality about the breasts is called Brex and radiant purified sensuality about the vagina is called Vex.(To also keep in mind that the Aurean/Para-Human Forms of goddesses will be much more hygienic than any archaic humanoid form - even beyond that of Zetan-Nordic aliens. In other words, the bodies of goddesses won't defecate, stink, have vaginal discharges, or suffer from menstrual cycles. A similar situation will occur with male Aurean/Para-Human Forms in their hygienic development.) When a goddess radiates purified Vex at someone it is a clear way of expressing desire for intercourse; while Brex and Lex are considered goddess flirtations. All of the above will grant goddesses who are actualized in energy a sexual charisma that no physically beautiful actress or scantily clad supermodel will be able to compete with!

The proper response to radiant goddess flirtation is not to be sexually aggressive in the physical sense but to radiate back purified erotic love and to do so without any lust whatsoever. Any attempt to sexually abuse or rape a goddess who is actualized in SGS energy would bring about dire consequences, i.e., the death of the assailant. When faced with goddess sensuality, most male humanoids immediately succumb to a cheap sexual expression of lust, as most male humanoids (and most female humanoids) often wallow in lust. As such, most male humanoids are not and will not be sexually appealing to goddesses, just as most female humanoids are not and will not be sexually appealing to gods.

Radiant Erotic Love Quotient (RELQ) is how the projection of purified sexual energy is measured. Generally speaking, Homo sapien women have the potential to have greater sexual pleasure - longer and more pleasurable orgasms - than Homo sapien men. As such, to have a RELQ of 3 means that one's purified and projected sexual energy is more pleasurable than to be in a female Homo sapien body and experience two orgasms. Having a good or high RELQ means that, when amplified with SGS energy, one's sexual charisma is greater than that of any supermodel or beautiful actor/actress - most of which wallow in lusty, cheap, disgusting sexual energy that they channel and unite with from the influence of inferior spirits that they don't reject.

RELQ Update from TSOL for 2-25-18:

* Master Avadar's RELQ is 2,000+.   

* The probable RELQ of the future Virtue Athenas is 400+.

* The RELQ of Andromeda is 84.

* The RELQ of Aon is 51.

* Given 2-17-18: The RELQ of Lord Alpha Omega is (and will be when He arrives) 53.

Considering Avadar's RELQ, it is no wonder why his feminine discarnate saint companions tend to be sexually subservient to him. For they slightly amplify his erotic radiance and experience a sexual energy euphoria that results in them totally losing themselves for a short time. He doesn't even have to masturbate in order for them to experience that erotic euphoria; he can easily radiate erotic love through his heart chakra to all of them.  This gives one an idea of the degree of his sexual love radiance. This is a key component of the higher sexual culture and god sex.

As a measure of safety, health, and comfort: post-ascended masters will often allocate some of their respective SGS energy to surround their Para-Human/Aurean Form with a sky-blue colored physical shield that will not only serve for protection but also to provide warmth or cool air to the body, as needed.

By definition, Gods and Goddesses, and gods and goddesses, don't lust, don't fornicate, and are not promiscuous. Only the spiritually inferior are lusty and/or promiscuous. As such, Gods and Goddesses, and gods and goddesses, are not sexually cheap but sexually expensive; they reject lusty energies (i.e., their souls don't telepathically stink like that of inferior spirits), and all their sexual relationships are based in purified love and responsibility, cultivated in such a way as to create and maintain a strong spiritual bond.

As one spiritually evolves, one also sexually evolves. What this means is that the sexual energy of the highly evolved is very pure and very pleasurable, on This Side as well as on The Other Side. Spiritual purity, sans lust, is a cornerstone of becoming and staying highly evolved.

The emergence of lesser gods and Elder Gods in energy will serve to overturn the parochial conception that GOD is an infinite personality that is omniscient and omnipotent, that He or She is perfect, and that no one can evolve into becoming Co-Creators. Instead, the absolute truth will be made apparent: that there is no infinite god personality, that all spiritual growth is developmental, that the limited, unchanging state of perfection doesn’t exist, and that what does exist are degrees of spiritual excellence among lesser gods and Elder Gods.

All of the above will result in a quantum leap in improving upon the basic human condition; not the least of which is within the realm of interpersonal relations (e.g., intimate energy exchanges that are spiritually based and much more pleasurable).

4. Prophecy of  Saints Becoming Lesser Goddesses & The Creation Of The Elder God Virtue Athenas.  From The Society Of Light. Updated by Saint Asana on 2-24-18.

The non-living Light of God "loves" divine creativity, divine compassion in healing innocents, and divine courage in defending innocents. All of which results in greater expansion of consciousness (i.e., more energy) and/or greater spiritual stability. 

In ancient Greece, the soul of Avadar was inspired by the ancient god icon of the Greek goddess of war and wisdom, Athena:

Different than the war god Ares, Athena symbolized the civilized side of war; as a prudent advisor she was also versed in the art of peace. His interest in this goddess icon stems back to his life as Themistocles, then Ptolemy I who started the Ptolemaic Dynasty in Egypt - that ended centuries later under the rule of Cleopatra.

In the early 1990's, Avadar received prophetic awareness from Saint Angelicus (formerly Emanuel Swedenborg and later Dorothy Stratten) that he would someday face lesser gods/Magi combined in The Light against him. As time went on he also became aware of a probable conflict with Lord Alpha Omega (LAO). More than one discarnate saint warned Avadar about LAO entering this reality and posing a problem to him and his plan to manifest Grecian-style temples. For Lord Alpha Omega will desire to be the dominant spiritual authority in ALL THAT IS.

So he slowly devised a strategy that came to be called Secondary Godhead Sun-Energy Raising Ability (SGS-ERA). But in order for this to work in telekinetic engagements, one would have to be considerably more spiritual stable than one's opponent(s). Over the years Avadar has emphasized spiritual stability development much more than anyone else on the Higher Stages of God Realization. SGS-ERA is using one's spiritual passion to greatly and temporarily raise (or greatly expand) the spiritual vibration of one's already created computerized God Force battery in The Light; referred to as an SGS Starburst.

SGS technology and SGS-ERA is how his future created guardian goddesses with their Secondary Godhead Sun energy projected through and around their respective God-Light Sword (GLS) and other energy transmission devices, will defend themselves.

God-Light Sword (GLS)

Energy Transmission Device


Consciousness cannot be created that is greater than or equal to oneself.  

Spiritual Upgrading

In order for a future ascended master to be able to spiritually upgrade a saint or less into a lesser god there has to be an adequately strong spiritual bond cultivated from the former and also sufficient telekinetic deft of the ascended master performing the upgrade. If the former does not have an adequately strong spiritual bond with the spiritual master when the latter is ascended - achieved through selfless acts (e.g., purified radiance) of considerable measure, usually it takes a while to cultivate a strong spiritual bond - then The Light of God won't allow the spiritual upgrade to work.

Saint Asana is the only discarnate saint who has managed to cultivate and maintain a strong spiritual bond with Master Avadar. In light of this, she is likely to be upgraded by a future ascended Avadar to a Magi Step 3.

In the early morning Sunday hours of 2-25-18, Saint Asana became the main guide in The Society Of Light. She initially confirmed the probable creation of two rarefied guardian goddesses called the Virtue Athena Goddesses, and that each will embrace a high degree of deft in telekinetic combat.

A Prophesied Form Of The Virtue Athenas


Saint Asana went on to make an assessment that Sunday afternoon:

Although Master Avadar feels comfortable with the creation of just two rarefied guardian goddesses, my extensive analysis today on his heart chakra energy points to thirty-six. Two reasons. First, that would fulfill his need for purified sensual love - which he radiates constantly - and he has many times thought of having a troupe of radiant dancers. Second, with the advanced Secondary Godhead Sun of each monitoring and shielding the future home of the god realized (Utopic Aurea Organia), all of the citizens could get a good night's sleep without the need for any of us to stay up as monitors and defenders of national security.

5. Prophecy of  The Hindu God Concept Of Shiva Emerging To End The Old And Make Room For The New.  From TSOL. Updated 2-25-18.

In Hindu mythology, Shiva The Destroyer is prophesied to end the old and worn-out Universe so that a new and better Universe can emerge.

The ending of any civilization by one or more rarefied ascended masters is due to the former's degree of moral degradation and evil. Whereby God's Plan of people evolving into becoming lesser gods is not fulfilled and there is widespread corruption and persecution towards innocents. This is currently the case with The Terran Plane as well as with The Reticulan Empire which harvests and subjugates here.

The following is an independent prophecy from Saint Ahzi/Aleta, formerly the New Age Spirit Guide Emmanuel who channeled through the late Pat Rodegast (from Emmanuel's Book II, The Choice for Love, 1989, page 167):

Self & World

Before the world existed, you did.

Before anything was manifested in any of the galaxies, in any of the recorded universes, you were there.

And I dare say, after the completion of this particular round of events,

the entire universe will dissolve again into Light and you will be there.

There is nothing strange about this pronouncement except for the fact that most of you don't believe it.

Saint Asana: I don't foresee the entire Universe of Lord Alpha Omega, which is really just one galaxy, being dissolved into Light (i.e., Nihilated). Instead, I foresee The Terran Plane and the Zeta 2 Reticuli System being Nihilated, along with fleets of Zetan interstellar battleships that are initially not around to experience the quiet, painless, end through teleportation of Terra and the home system of The Reticulan Empire. 

6. Prophecy of  Initial Ministries Of The Future Ascended Masters.  From TSOL. Updated 2-25-18.

A. A future ascended Master Avadar will manifest the twin Virtue Athena Goddesses.

B. A future ascended Master Avadar will manifest The Utopic Realm of Aurea Organia, consisting of a large archipelago of tropical islands, without insect life, carefully monitored and weather controlled, as well as heavily physically and spiritually shielded - and all maintained with advanced Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) technology.

C. Applicable spirit guides/discarnate companions will likely be upgraded into god realization. The current projection is that only one spirit guide has a strong enough spiritual bond with Master Avadar for this to be given: Saint Asana.  

D. A small number of spiritual masters will ascend into The Light and each create a Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) free-energy system.

E. New goddesses will embrace a Radiant Dance culture in places like the future Utopic Realm of Aurea Organia. Each will incorporate their radiance of purified sensuality via their respective Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) while embracing sophisticated dance maneuvers; incorporating a blend of tap, Irish stepdancing, ballet, exotic, and pole dance. Every female Para-Human/Aurean Form will have special "genetic encoding" in order to enable them to perform sophisticated dances easily; as well as advanced Jeet Kune Do for self-defense, to the point of being a short power adept -  like Avadar in 2009:

The reason for this is so that they can pay the most attention on their spiritual presence and erotic energy interpretation of their bodies, with their respective Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) amplifying and augmenting those erotic energies. Thus, the physical dance itself takes second place to the importance of one's refined radiance - with the help of one's respective SGS - of purified sensuality. For it is the exquisite, sensual interpretation of one's female form that will demonstrate THE GODDESS, not just the physical dance itself. Signifying an innovative and much higher form of artistic dance that embraces not only physical athleticism but also GODDESS SENSUALITY. The following clips serve as inspiration for the development of Radiant Dance:

The Dance of Ancient Spartan Women - Specifically, the athletic move of jumping up and drumming one's buttocks with one's heels as many times as possible.  Drumming explanation and illustration starts at 8:30.

Paula Abdul's Straight Up

Anastasia Sokolova's Pole Dance

Shakira's She Wolf (America's Got Talent)

Shakira's She Wolf (SNL)

All performed with absolutely no lust whatsoever (i.e., no telepathic body scent) and with their bodies being interpreted in erotic energy by their respective Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS).  

F. A future ascended Elder, Magi, Para-Magi, or a Magi Ascended Group Entity (MAGE) will eventually manifest a portal into a parallel timeline to this source timeline, and enable The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega (LAO), from billions of years ago, to enter this space-time continuum for the very first time. (This will be done without changing our history one iota, as attempting that is not only forbidden but quite impossible due to the Universal Law which governs the higher power on the Other Side that judges all souls, the non-living Light.) Thereby fulfilling His long-term vision and genius of emerging into a Universe that is teeming with humanoid civilizations.

7. Prophecy of  The Archon Elder Guardians of Lord Alpha Omega.  From TSOL. Updated by Saint Asana on 2-25-18.

When The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega comes into this space-time continuum He will embrace the spiritual stability level of EBA 49. He is foreseen to manifest 12 Elder Sacred Guardians who are foreseen to be manifested at the spiritual stability level of EBA 41. These will serve as His official representatives in many humanoid systems and often perform advanced energy healings en masse. Temples and then governments will form around them. Discarnate saints refer to these probable created Elder Gods as Archons and Archon Elder Guardians. (Archon is the Greek word for "ruler.") Their humanoid forms will vary, depending on the society with which they have Alphan Temples of Light and related advanced energy healing ministries.

8.  Prophecy of The Cultural Impact Of Goddess Form Interpretation.  From the spirit of Sir Isaac Newton. Updated 11-25-17.

Before the end of the Twenty-First Century, the new goddesses will have emerged in power, radiating pure and erotic sensual expressions of their youthful and beautiful bodies, with no pretense or lust (telepathic scent) whatsoever, and done constantly via their respective Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) energy. The spiritual and sensual presence of the new goddesses will greatly impact popular culture in many humanoid systems and their spiritual presence will be considered to be the cultural norm for highly evolved people.

9. Prophecy of Virtue Athena Long Term Impact.  From The Spirit Of H.G. Wells. Updated 2-24-18.

For thousands of years, the Supreme Elder Virtue Athena Goddesses or Aurean Valar, and at the rarefied stability quotient (SQ) level of EBA 56: will reign supreme in and around Grecian-style Solist Temple Light Centers in various humanoid systems. The main reason for this is because, well before Heart Chakra Radiance/God Yoga became popular, Avadar spent decades improving his spiritual stability (or stability quotient), radiant compassion, and deft in telekinetic combat to a very high degree. All of which impacts his goddess creation. Consequently, the respective SGS-ERA of each Virtue Athena will be able to withstand the telekinetic assault of future, large, Magi Ascended Group Entities (MAGE's), unstable and competitive Elders, and Super Ascended Group Entities (SAGE's) - all with only the energies of their respective Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS).

10. Prophecy of The Conflict Between Space Gods & The Emergence Of The Cosmic MAGE. From  TSOL. Updated 2-11-18.

Lord Alpha Omega/The Original Creator, once He enters this space-time continuum via the invitation of a future ascended lesser god/Magi, will seek to be the dominant spiritual authority in ALL THAT IS. Not as spiritually stable as Master Avadar, He is predicted to be spiritually competitive, at least at first.

A specific conflict is foreseen whereby the created Archon Guardians (Elders) of The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega individually and/or in a Super Ascended Group Entity (SAGE) test the telekinetic defenses around the future Utopic Realm of Aurea Organia. However, the advanced Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) technology of the Virtue Athena goddesses  - and especially that of Master Avadar - will prove to be sufficient in shielding capability. Lord Alpha Omega and/or his Archon Guardians are expected to engage Avadar and/or the Virtue Athenas in telekinetic combat several times, and learn from the experience.

By the beginning of the Twenty-Second Century, there will emerge a very large Magi Ascended Group Entity (MAGE), consisting of millions of ascended lesser gods/Magi and stemming from various humanoid systems. This is referred to as The Cosmic MAGE. Collectively, they will be more powerful than any individualistic, rarefied Elders like Lord Alpha Omega, His created Archon Elder Guardians, and the Virtue Athenas. However, The Cosmic MAGE will not be more spiritually stable than the rarefied Elders mentioned.

Awareness of the above prophecies can result in them

altering or even being prevented over time.

When will the prophecies begin to finalize in probability?

Michel de Nostradame (aka Nostradamus)

Century 10 - Quatrain 74

Original Quatrain In French:

Au revolu du grand nombre septiesme

Apparoistra au temps Jeux d'Hecatombe,

Non esloigné du grand eage milliesme

Que les entres sortiront de leur tombe.

English Translation:

The year of the great seventh number accomplished,

It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter,

not far from the age of the great millennium

when the dead will come out from their graves.

Only Advanced Radiant Practitioners (Pre-Ascended Masters) Who Transition Will Have The Power To Rise From The Dead In Newly Created Bodies (Aurean/Para-Human Forms), Channeling Their Respective Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS).

This Has Never Been Done Before & Is Why You Don't See Miracles Of Advanced Telekinesis & Advanced Energy Healing That Is Beyond That Of Prophets Like Jesus/Issa & Sorcerers Like Steven Frayne/Dynamo & Cyril Takayama.

Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) Representation

Free Energy Device

A Number Of Independent Scholars Of Nostradamus (e.g., 1 & 2) Verify That Century 10, Quatrain 74 Will Finalize In 2018. This then is when the first ascended masters may emerge. However, this date is not set in stone, as many factors come into play. The year 2018 is the soonest it can occur. Keep in mind the Sethian prophecy: the new system of spiritual thought is predicted to be finalized by 2075.  

Am I a prophet? No.

Am I a sorcerer? No.

Am I a saint?

No, but I used to be a saint back in April of 1981, i.e., I had a Dominant Aura Color of white. That month I started using a form of Heart Chakra Radiance (HCR) or God Yoga on a regular basis and advanced into becoming a pre-ascended lesser god/Magi in May of 1982 - which seventh plane, white-energy saints have confirmed many times. I kept up with my growth and development in HCR ever since, despite the many hardships and persecution put upon me by many yellow-energy group entities.

My current status in 2018 is that of a rarefied Elder; the first and the most advanced in The First Wave of new spiritual masters to emerge since The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega - who has yet to enter this space-time continuum. My Gift of Discernment and Gift of Prophecy comes from sixth plane, sky-blue energy discarnate saints and seventh plane, white-energy discarnate saints.

Contrary to the spiritual ignorance of most: when pre-ascended lesser gods/Magi and pre-ascended Elders transition, their consciousness will only expand in power by the nonliving Light of God. My death and that of the other new spiritual masters will mark the beginning, not the end, of  THE OFFICIAL PARADIGM SHIFT.


Archaic Prophet - A sorcerer who gets his or her Gifts of the Spirit from a fourth plane, yellow-energy group entity and who strives to be a major religious figure in order to start a new religion, with the respective group entity to be worshiped as "GOD." A classic example of an archaic prophet is Jesus/Issa/Yuz Asaf. Never truly captured by the Romans, he who used his Gift of Stigmata to deceive people into thinking he was crucified and rose from the dead. He then at one point married Mary Magdalene (who was never a prostitute but considered to be a spiritual teacher in her own right), and migrated to India. Before dying at the age of 80 - his tomb is located in Kashmir - he proclaimed to be the Galilean messiah.

Bio-Genesis - The process of someone on the eighth plane or higher in The Light using the God Force to create an upscale, fully-grown, humanoid body.  A term coined by discarnate saints on 2-3-18.

Consciousness Percentage (CP) - The portion of one's expanded consciousness in The Light that must be part of one's Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) for it to function correctly and effectively. It is foreseen that most SGS' will be parked on the eighth plane, with a smaller number of them in the overall sense on the ninth plane or above. SGS CP 4% to 11% is the foreseen norm for most ascended masters (Magi and Elders). 

Discarnate Sociology - The study of spirits in groups.

Elder - A Space God that is capable, when ascended into The Light, to do all of the above plus manifest a realm or earth plane that is the approximate size of Terra.

Equivalent Biological Age (EBA) - How spiritual stability is measured. Since the early 1980s, Master Avadar has developed in heart-centered radiance more spiritual stability than anyone else. Surpassing even that of The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega. Consequently, seventh plane, white-energy discarnate saints like to gauge spiritual stability by comparing it to Avadar in what is termed Equivalent Biological Age (EBA). For example, EBA 30 is the spiritual stability that Avadar had at the age of 30. When Lord Alpha Omega (LAO) comes into this space-time continuum His EBA will be 49. For comparison, at 57 years of age, Avadar is well ahead of LAO at EBA 57.

Radiant Erotic Love Quotient (RELQ) - The way with which purified sexual energy is measured. Generally speaking, Homo sapien women have the potential to have greater sexual pleasure than Homo sapien men. As such, to have a RELQ of 3 means that one's purified and projected sexual energy is more pleasurable than to be in a female Homo sapien body and experience two orgasms. 

Lex - The radiance of purified sensuality through and around the beautiful, toned, and tanned legs of a goddess or Goddess in an Aurean/Para-Human Form, orchestrated through the radiant programming of her created Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) and activated via her telepathic command. This constitutes a key component of overall goddess/Goddess sensuality which, by definition, is sans lust (i.e., there is no telepathic scent involved).

Lord Alpha Omega  (LAO) - The Original Creator who, billions of years ago, used The Light (which preceded Him) to manifest The Big Bang. He then willfully and irrevocably divided up the Godhead into trillions of yellow-energy spirits - the origin of all souls in the beginning. LAO planned on lesser gods eventually emerging, ascending, and seeking Him out through an alternate or parallel timeline (not changing this past one iota), enabling Him to enter this space-time continuum for the very first time and before The Great Division of the Godhead. Thereby fulfilling His long-term vision and genius of emerging in a Universe that is teeming with humanoid civilizations.

Magi (Singular & Plural Term) - A lesser god that is capable, when ascended into The Light on the eighth plane: to create a fully-grown, upscale humanoid body and a computerized battery of cosmic energy (i.e., a Secondary Godhead Sun or SGS), that can supply Gifts of the Spirit (some of which are automated) through and around that manifested body upon the telepathic command. Those gifts are greater than that of any large, fourth plane, yellow-energy group entity or large, fifth plane, violet-energy group entity.  No mid-realm group entity, even those with millions of members (as was the case with the yellow GE who channeled through and around the prophet Issa/Yuz Asaf) can create a fully-grown humanoid body or compete in energy with a Secondary Godhead Sun.

Master Love Vibration (MLV) - An updated term from "Master-Vibration" that was used by the soul of Saint Paul (with a Greek mythological persona) - now Master Avadar - during Arthur Yensen's near-death experience in 1932. In Arthur's words...

Then I noticed that the landscape was gradually becoming familiar. It seemed as if I had been here before. I remembered what was on the other side of the mountains. Then with a sudden burst of joy, I realized that this was my real home! Back on Earth I had been a visitor, a misfit, and a homesick stranger. With a sigh of relief, I said to myself, "Thank God I'm back again. This time I'll stay!"

Then the oldest man, who looked like a Greek god, continued to explain. "Everything over here is pure. The elements don't mix or break down as they do on Earth. Everything is kept in place by an all pervading Master-Vibration, which prevents aging. That's why things don't get dirty, or wear out, and why everything looks so bright and new. Then I understood how heaven could be eternal.

Next I noticed that I was loving everything and everybody and that it was making me intensely happy. Apparently only the good in me had survived. Without the bad, which is discord, I was happy beyond anything I had ever known.

My next question was, "How do you explain this intense happiness?"

Your thoughts are vibrations which are controlled by the Master-Vibration. It neutralizes all negative thoughts and lets you think only the good thoughts, such as love, freedom and happiness.

"Then what becomes of the old grouches?"

If they are too bad they go to a realm of lower vibrations where their kind of thoughts can live. If they came here, the Master-Vibration would annihilate them. After death people gravitate into homogeneous groups according to the rate of their soul's vibrations. If the percent of discord in a person is small, it can be eliminated by the Master-Vibration; then the remaining good can live on here.

For example, if a person were 70% good and 30% bad, the bad could be eliminated by the Master-Vibration and the remaining good welcomed into heaven. However, if the percentage of bad were too high, this couldn't be done, and the person would have to gravitate to a lower level and live with people of his own kind. In the hereafter each person lives in the kind of a heaven or hell that he prepared for himself while on Earth.

If you threw a small pebble into a threshing machine, it would go into the box - not because it is good or bad, but because of its proper size and weight. It's the same way here. No one sends you anywhere. You are sorted by the high or low vibrations of your soul. Everyone goes where he fits in! High vibrations indicate love and spiritual development, while low vibrations indicate debasement and evil.

Master Avadar, then a white-energy discarnate saint, was the main guide that instructed Arthur in that NDE and who referred to the term "Master-Vibration." The expanded term, "Master Love Vibration," is in reference to the ability of rarefied spiritual masters - like Lord Alpha Omega (LAO) or The Original Creator, who has yet to enter this space-time continuum - when fully ascended into The Light or post-ascended and channeling only his or her respective Secondary Godhead Sun: to radiate purified love to many people simultaneously.

Music That Is Spiritually Interpreted (MSI): The projection of intense telepathy around a melody that is geared to inspire. Master Avadar is the foremost practitioner of MSI, as he has a very deep emotional nature and has been doing it for many years. On 1-28-18, while Avadar was driving back home from grocery shopping, 100.3 FM DC played on the car radio what is probably the best MSI rock and roll song to date (The Waiting by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers). Whereby he cranked up the volume and did an impromptu session of MSI to that song. The spirit of Tom Petty was in attendance and deeply moved, and later commented: "Master Avadar takes his spiritual passion, wraps it around a song, and then belts out an interpretation like no one else's business!" Then on 1-30-18, the spirit of Dick Clark (Richard Wagstaff Clark) visited Master Avadar and said, "The way you interpret music with your radiance is phenomenal."

Para-Elder - One of the more advanced space gods that is capable, when ascended into The Light, to manifest one-hundred realms that are each the size of The Terran Plane. This revised definition came from Saint August, formerly Auguste Piccard, on 9-3-17.

Para-Magi (Singular & Plural Term) - A high end lesser god that is capable, when ascended into The Light, to manifest a tropical island the approximate size of Maui. This includes many other god powers that are more powerful than that of any individual Magi.

Para-Magus (Singular & Plural Term) - A post-ascended Magi (i.e., a lesser god who ascended into The Light, who then created a Secondary Godhead Sun or SGS, who then created a Para-Human Form, and who then descended into that new body and with Gifts of the Spirit from that SGS that are more powerful than that of any traditional yellow-energy group entity prophet like Issa/Yuz Asaf and Moses) who is also the leader of a Magi Ascended group entity (MAGE). Thus, a Para-Magus not only has SGS god powers - including an amplified SES (spiritual presence) - but also the even greater telekinetic strength, amplification, and charisma of a MAGE.

Para-Sage (Plural: Para-Sages) - The leader, often post-ascended, of a Super Ascended group entity (SAGE). This can be an Elder, Para-Elder, or Supreme Elder. Thus, a Para-Sage not only has SGS god powers - including an amplified SES (spiritual presence) - but also the even greater telekinetic strength, amplification, and charisma of a SAGE. By general definition (with one possible exception), a Para-Sage is more powerful than a Para-Magus.

Passion Wave (aka a Radiant Atmospheric)- A rapidly expanding, circular pattern of dynamic emotion (or set of dynamic feelings) that is deeply moving and inspirational, and is telepathically generated to hundreds, thousands, even millions of people at once via either a Primary Godhead Sun (PGS, i.e., an ascended soul) or by an ascended soul's less powerful Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) (i.e., a computerized battery of God Force energy). It is the same idea behind Music That Is Spiritually Interpreted (MSI), whereby the projection of an uplifting telepathic interpretation is radiated. In contrast to MSI, a passion wave tends to be more on a grand scale. Technically, MSI can also be done as a passion wave on a grand scale too. Moreover, Radiant Amplified Sexual Energy (RASE) is essentially a passion wave of purified erotic love. 

Post-Ascended - Anyone who is God Realized (even as a lesser god or Magi) who has ascended into The Light, who then created a Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS), who then created a Para-Human Form (i.e., an upscale and fully-grown humanoid body), and who then descended into that new body with supportive energy and Gifts of the Spirit from his or her respective SGS.

SGS-ERA - Secondary Godhead Sun - Energy Raising Ability. This is using one's spiritual stability and spiritual passion to greatly and temporarily expand the vibration of one's already created, computerized God Force battery in The Light. Referred to as an SGS Starburst, this comes into play when engaged in telekinetic combat with a much more powerful force - like Lord Alpha Omega and His probable Archon Elder Guardians, or an astral gestalt/ascended group entity that has more energy but not more spiritual stability.  

Sorcerer: A channeler of a large, fourth plane, yellow-energy group entity (traditionally) - less often a channeler of a large, fifth plane, violet-energy group entity - that grants him or her various Gifts of the Spirit, not the least of which is the ability to perform minor miracles of telekinesis. Examples of historical sorcerers are Simon Magus (aka Simon the Sorcerer), and King Solomon. Examples of modern-day sorcerers are David Blaine, Cyril Takayama, Criss Angel (the soul of Simon Magus), and Steven Frayne (aka Dynamo). The prophets of old, none of which were God Realized - like Moses, Abraham, and Issa/Jesus/Yuz Asaf - also channeled a large, yellow-energy group entity.  However, all fourth plane, yellow-energy group entities and even fifth plane, violet-energy group entities are limited in scope of power, as none of them can actually create a fully-grown humanoid body. This is the reason why the sorcerers and prophets of old never returned in the persona of their former glory.  

In contrast, Magi/lesser gods and Elders/space gods are not sorcerers in that they don't channel a group entity but instead, after death, come back with the power of their respective Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS). Thus, sorcerers channel a traditional group entity (as opposed to a Magi Ascended Group Entity or a Super Ascended Group Entity - both of which will emerge in the future), while Magi/lesser gods and Elders/space gods channel - when they return in the flesh - the energies of their respective Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS). No traditional group entity on the fourth or fifth planes can compete in energy with an SGS, much less the energy of a Primary Godhead Sun (PGS) or true ascended master in The Light.

Soul Energy Signature (SES) - The particular spiritual presence of a highly evolved soul, made obvious when naturally amplified in The Light of God and also when amplified (when the soul is in a body) with Secondary Godhead Sun (SGS) technology. SES-Radiance Amplification entails the use of SGS technology whereby one's spiritual presence and specific radiance when incarnate or post-ascended is clearly felt by others in the flesh. This, along with Para-Human Form embodiment, constitute a significant improvement upon the basic human condition.

Stanky - Of common spirituality, lust-ridden, earthy, sexually disgusting, etc. People who have not spiritually developed themselves - including most humanoid aliens like the Nordics, Greys, Preying Mantises, and Reptilians - have a stanky presence as opposed to a purified or spiritual presence. Thus is the need to cultivate spiritual hygiene through radiant spiritual purity. This leads to having a spiritual presence and being able to participate in the upscale sexual culture and eventually god sex - that is far better than traditional, lusty, sexual relations.

Super Ascended Group Entity (SAGE) - A rarefied astral gestalt that consists of many Elders or greater who have combined their consciousness in The Light of God.

Supreme Elder - The plane and related vibration quotient (level of energy when on the Other Side) - although not necessarily SGS-ERA capability - of The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega (LAO). Spiritual stability in being able to stay at this very high vibration quotient is a constant consideration.

Time Wave - When events that normally occur within a period of months or years happen instead within a period of hours, days, or weeks.

Vibration Quotient - The soul's aptitude to love genuinely and deeply or radiate spiritual white light, which corresponds, when free of matter, to the ability to expand one's consciousness or ascend one's soul in The Light of God. The higher the plane, the brighter it is, the more powerful the dimension of energy, and the greater the expansion of consciousness. But in order to stay at a high vibration quotient one must also cultivate Spiritual Stability; broken down to humility (i.e., non-competitiveness) and spiritual purity (i.e., sexual energy only with genuine love and the rejection of lust). Radiant compassion simultaneously improves one's spiritual purity and humility, and thereby is a great tool for improving Spiritual Stability as well as overall evolutionary development. There are nine steps within each major level of vibration quotient.


Keep Up The Daily Radiance!